Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Reads Day 18: Snow Dance by Alicia Street

Synopsis: "After a bitter divorce, Amanda Kushinski, a former Broadway dancer from Manhattan, moves to a peaceful village on Long Island’s rural North Fork to open up a vintage clothing shop. She wants solitude and anonymity, but instead she finds herself involved with an elusive ghost, a troubled teenage girl, and a sexy local fisherman who makes her believe in second chances.

Russ McNeil has very bad taste in clothes. A sixth generation son in a family of fishermen that worked the Bay and the Sound, he has no illusions about what life has to offer him, including in the romance department. But he’s in for a little surprise."

My Review: This may have been a short and simple romance novella, but I was completely sucked into the story. I enjoyed the characters and though we didn't get to dig into their personalities much, they still shined and made you care about them. I really enjoyed Amanda and Russ sounds completely drool worthy, even young Casey and Parker connected with me. I have a feeling I will be following this series through to the end!
My Rating: While this isn't exactly a Christmas story, it is winter based and so fun. I really enjoyed the characters and look forward to reading more about them all. I give it a rating of Four Paws.

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