Saturday, May 25, 2019

Graphic Novel Review of The Black Bull of Norroway by Cat Seaton & Illustrated by Kit Seaton

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Synopsis: "Sibylla always wanted adventure, but she didn't know it would come in the form of a giant, magical bull. Is he a man or a monster? And who knew a prophecy could be so literal? 

Based on the classic Scottish fairy tale, this is the first title in a new series co-created by sibling writer/artist team CAT SEATON and KIT SEATON, begins the adventure of a lifetime."

My Review: I received this book in a subscription box, so while I knew nothing about it, I was very intrigued. I really enjoy the artwork and colors in this, they really add to the story. I don't know if this is based on a myth or if it is a retelling or maybe a branch off series, but we are kind of dumped into the story and fed little tidbits throughout the book but for the most part are left a little lost. Maybe if you are familiar with whatever original work this is based on, you will be able to follow the story a little better. Even though I was often confused as to what was going on, I did get the basics and I did really enjoy the characters and what development there is. I am curious and will most likely pick up the next in the series in hopes it builds a little more and the world and backstory become a little more clear.

My Rating: I really loved the artwork in this one even though the story was a little disjointed and confusing, I still give it a rating of Two Paws and a Stump Wag.  I do look forward to the next volume to see if it clears anything up.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Bedtime Story: Untitled by Timothy Young

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Synopsis: "A coatimundi and a capybara (or is it a porcupine?) take the lead in this silly story with a twist ending. Tim Young lets his characters tell the story with scenes readers will likely recognize and brainstorming ideas for Tim's next book. Will we see these characters again? When he first thought up this book he immediately had a title: "Another Stupid Book By Timothy Young." But, when someone thought it was a sequel, he didn't want to use it. After thinking of a bunch of other titles that didn't quite capture the correct feeling, he started calling it "Untitled." The more he thought about it the more that title seemed perfect for this strange tale."

My Review: I have found over the years of attempting to select books for Munchkin, that there is nothing better than a comical children's book. Munchkin loved it and was in a fit of giggles the entire 2nd and 3rd time we read it. We didn't really know exactly what a coatimundi and a capybara were so it gave us an opportunity to learn something new along with all the silliness. I also like how it was able to show young readers how you can change the stories you create at any time. This was a fun blend of great information and teaching opportunities as well as all out silliness.

My Rating: We really enjoyed this one, with the quirky characters and funny story.  We definitely give this one a rating of Four Paws!

I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley.  The following is my honest review. 

If you want to find out more about Timothy Young and his books check out his Goodreads Page or Website.

Untitled is being released on May 28th so you can pre-order your copy in print format from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or request it at your local library or bookstore.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Top 5 Wednesday: Emerald Books on My TBR

Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes on Youtube.

So Emerald is the birthstone for May (which I have always been kind of jealous of) so the topic for this week's Top 5 Wednesday is all about Emerald book covers.  You could go crazy looking for all the covers out there so I decided to limit my list to books that are on my TBR. 

Fun fact: I used to work in jewelry sales.  Emeralds come in many shades of green.

I recently discovered that Sarah MacLean is a local to me author! Now I need to read all her books and this is one of the series that I plan to start with.  Obviously, emerald green dresses on historical romances are pretty darn popular. 

I have had this sitting on my shelf for around 8 years, I struggled with Eragon and so have been hesitant to pick up the rest of the series, but this is a really lovely cover!

I have several books by Cinda Williams Chima sitting on my shelves but her series are so long and big that I keep avoiding picking them up.

Amother long chunky series I have been avoiding but am determined to start very soon! I will read Outlander and hopefully I like it because I have already picked up the next 2 books in the series!

It took me some serious searching several years ago to track down this book, now it has been sitting on my TBR for so long that I am actually debating letting it go. But again when I look at the cover I find myself hesitant to part with it. 

Bonus Book
Bambi, I still have not read this beautiful vintage copy I have! I keep wanting to read it in April but I think this may have to be a summer read for me this year.

So what Emerald colored books are on your shelves?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Review of Things My Son Needs to Know About the World by Fredrik Backman

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Synopsis: "Things My Son Needs to Know About the World collects the personal dispatches from the front lines of one of the most daunting experiences any man can experience: fatherhood.

As he conveys his profound awe at experiencing all the "firsts" that fill him with wonder and catch him completely unprepared, Fredrik Backman doesn't shy away from revealing his own false steps and fatherly flaws, tackling issues both great and small, from masculinity and mid-life crises to practical jokes and poop.

In between the sleep-deprived lows and wonderful highs, Backman takes a step back to share the true story of falling in love with a woman who is his complete opposite, and learning to live a life that revolves around the people you care about unconditionally. Alternating between humorous side notes and longer essays offering his son advice as he grows up and ventures out into the world, Backman relays the big and small lessons in life, including:

-How to find the team you belong to
-Why airports explain everything about religion and war
-The reason starting a band is crucial to cultivating and keeping friendships
-How to beat Monkey Island 3
-Why, sometimes, a dad might hold onto his son's hand just a little too tight

This is an irresistible and insightful collection, perfect for new parents and fans of Backman's "unparalleled understanding of human nature" (Shelf Awareness). As he eloquently reminds us, "You can be whatever you want to be, but that's nowhere near as important as knowing that you can be exactly who you are."

My Review: I have really been enjoying Fredrik Backman's books and knew I had to read this one right away. I listened to the audio book, and while I enjoyed it, I think the print book might have a format that is best read as a physical or ebook. I loved the humor throughout the story, sprinkled in with some great advice, both about little things like following the arrows in Ikea and bigger life lessons about having a band of friends. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and can't wait to share it with my son when he gets a little older (even though I am mom and not dad) and maybe bond over it together.

My Rating: I definitely laughed a bit and got a little misty eyed a few times while reading this one. It was a quick and really enjoyable book, it would be great to listen to on a road trip with kids a little older than Munchkin, maybe a good conversation starter.  I give it a rating of Four Paws!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday Reading List

It is Monday again, and time to update with what I read last week, what I am currently reading and what to look forward to next week.

Reviews Posted Last Week:
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A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemerer
Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins
The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay
Get a Hit Mo by David A. Alder (Early Reader)

 Books Finished Last Week:
Reviews will be posted at a later date

Printed Letter Bookshop
Black Bull of Norroway
Things My Son Needs to Know About the World
Roller Girl
Seal's Honor

Currently Reading:

A Strange Hymn by Laura Thalassa - Print - on Page 95 of 384
Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse - Audio - 63%

Pages Read/ Time Listened
289:46 Hours Listened (3:10 listened this week)
14,114 Pages Read (1,192 this week)

Books Added to Shelves Recently: TBR
The Snow Gypsy
Lost Boy
Year One
Girl Who Drank the Moon
King of Scars
Dactyl Hill Squad
The Darkdeep
Lord of the Fading Lands
A Curse So Dark and Lonely
Shadow of Doubt
Gates of Stone
A Conspiracy of Truths
Vortex Visions
Through the White Wood
Descendant of the Crane
The Princess and the Fangirl
Holy Sister
A Strange Hymn
The Emperor of Evening Stars
Dark Harmony
The Black Bull of Norroway
We Rule the Night
The Opposite of Always
The Sea Queen
The Mountain of Kept Memory
Misfits of Avalon Vol. 1
Misfits of Avalon Vol. 2
The Sea King
Ride Hard
Ride Rough
Ride Wild
Irresistible Force
Force of Attraction
Primal Force
Rival Forces
A Rogue by Any Other Name
A Scot in the Dark
The Day of the Duchess
The Pirate Bride
Pirate Stories
Man Made Boy
This Monstrous Thing
The Case of the Missing Moonstone
Dear Santa
An Endless Christmas
Christmas Magic
Falling Softly
Christmas Town
The Christmas Star
Crazy Rich Asians
Once and Future
Highland Crown
Her Royal Highness
Things My Son Needs to Know About the World
Seal's Honor


I am really happy with how much reading I have been getting done lately, though not as many books off my TBR as I would like.  I really need to focus on that or I need to really start purging my shelves.  I have been considering a Trash My TBR where I can get all of your opinion on some of the books that have been sitting on my TBR for a while.  I am thinking Tuesday or Thursday this week posting in my stories on Instagram, so please come and help me decide which books to keep and what to pass on.  I did go through all our Children's books with Munchkin over the weekend and we are passing on a ton of books.

With all that said, I did really get quite a bit of reading in during Bout of Books last week (at least until the weekend when things just got too busy). I really hope I can keep that momentum going this week.  I got a good jump on my requested reviews, which I am still behind on but I got over half way done with the ones due this month.

Can you believe that it is nearly Memorial Day?! What has happened to this year?! Are you feeling frantic like I am?