Friday, September 6, 2013

Bedtime Story: Heads

Synopsis: "From the #1 New York Times bestselling creator Matt Van Fleet comes a companion to the million plus copy bestseller, Tails that will dazzle and delight! Heads – wooly, bump and hairy – never has such a collection of animal heads been so much fun!"

My Review: This book isn't just heads, its noses and mouths and ears too! So much fun to read and look at the animals. I do love how it can grow up with Munchkin, start off just reading the story and looking at the pictures, then start to do the activities (pulling the pictures) and then discovering the names of the animals. Heads is a fun book for all the little ones.
My Rating: I really enjoy this one and Munchkin seems to like it more and more each time we pull it out to read.  I give it a rating of Four Paws.
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

After Dark Review of The Horse Master of Shanhasson by Joely Sue Burkhart

I have added After Dark Reviews to my blog as a way of notifying you of a review of a book with Adult themes and scenes. From now on I will keep my reviews of all books I read that have explicit scenes in them for late night posts for those of you who prefer to avoid them or easy to find for those of you who seek them out ;)
Synopsis: "Prequel to The Shanhasson Trilogy

After working in Her Majesty’s stables for five years, Jake is called into the palace under a veil of secrecy. The High Queen is ready to abdicate, and he’s her last hope of overcoming the Shadow that has haunted her.

Thankfully, the Horse Master is bringing his whip."

My Review: I did rather enjoy this story, so much so that I plan to read the entire trilogy but I wanted so much more. I realize that this is a novella introduction to the series but I feel that there could have been more story, maybe started when they first met and then skimmed the next five years. I think it did leave of with some interesting ideas as to where the trilogy could go and I look forward to finding out.
My Rating: While I found the story interesting and I really enjoyed the characters, this one just needed a lot more meat for me.  I will be looking for the next books though ;)  I give it a rating of Two Paws.

So Much to Do

Now that I am finally getting back to real life my to do lists are becoming slightly overwhelming.  I thought I should put together some to do lists (one for the office - top priority to catch up on accounting, one for the house - get cleaning done before going out for surgery again, one for events - make 50 cookies & 50 chocolate lollipops and make all decorations for the bridal shower this weekend, etc.).

Well I though what better place to put my reading/blogging to do list than right here. . .
1. Respond to author/publisher emails
2. Catch up on reviews
3. Schedule posts for dates while out for surgery
4. Write letters for August & September
5. Put together Review Policy
6. Update Reading Goals & Write progress posts
7. Work on writing goals for the year
8. Start planning Advent season posts
So there is my to do list for this part of my life. And guess what, Bloggiesta is set for the end of this month! That will give me the extra kick I need to get moving on this to do list!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Writing

So Wednesday is my official writing update day. I have so many story projects going on and I need a push to get some done. So I will be trying to post each Wednesday about how my writing adventures are going (and I may need a swift kick in the pants by you guys sometimes).

Current Active Project:

Princess Bs - 34,317 words

A story about a woman, recently divorced and returned to her home town to figure out what is next. She encounters an old friend and spends a weekend with him and his daughters. Feelings that are long since buried are rising up again, but are her recent loss and his current life going to stand in the way of their happily ever after?

Tamlyn Marie's Grace -

Think Cinderella only with a matchmaker ;)

Other Works in Progress:

The New Old Home - 17,193 words

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, but what would you do with that money? That is the question presented to Natalie, when she is at the lowest point in her life, she is presented with an opportunity to make any normal person's dreams come true, but all those winnings can't give her what she wants most.

Night Rider - 17,229

Alice is a recent high school graduate who is a very accomplished competitive rider in Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Western/Rodeo. Her parents had arranged for her to attend a private college on the east coast geared specifically to equine professions. However, Alice wants to focus on her studies in English Literature. When she arrives at the college she hides her riding abilities, but can she keep her talent and love of horses hidden?

The Last Mountains - 13,468 (handwritten) = 15,766 (typed)

A equine shapeshifting family is being hunted to near extinction and the young new leader must go against all her lessons and approach the elite council for aide. Will they help her? How will she keep her family's traditions and values alive, let alone her herd?

Other Ideas Plotting:

Bloodsoar's Story
A pegasus struggles through life, ejected from the herd, near capture by humans.

The Assassin's Assassin
A student learns what the school is really teaching and sets out to destroy those who support the program.

Angel Story
Angels battle out an age old feud in a parallel world

All in the Company
A business that keeps to itself, employees marry employees and live on company property. Lissandra is ordered to marry Cody but both are always on business and don't know one another.


Well at least I know why I didn't get any writing done this last month and some very good excuses.  I have another rough month coming up but at least once the pain meds wind down I will have some time to sit down and get some work done!

Another Update

Thank goodness, I am feeling so much better and have been able to start getting caught up on my reading, reviews and emails.  I am back to work, for now at least.
Munchkin's 1st Birthday this weekend turned out to be great! All the work and effort were well worth it. Here are a couple of pictures for you guys . . .

We did presents the next morning since he was having so much fun playing with his guests.
I think someone got a little spoiled!

I hope you all had a great August and I also hope to have several reviews for you soon and get back on track.
Note: there will be another brief hiccup in my reading and posting as I have an additional surgery scheduled for the 12th but hope to bounce back quickly.