Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Need more days in October

November is coming way too fast! I feel like I am no where near prepared for the Nanowrimo and have already started procrastinating. I should be taking the spare time I have at work to get more phases done on my outline and more character descriptions down but instead I am distracted by Christmas shopping and blogs.

I have grown completely addicted to shopping on  Its so easy to find unique gifts for my loved ones.  I find myself spending hours browsing elephant items and jewelry. Oohhing and Aahhing over paintings and photographs, adding more and more things to my favorites list.  Anything that makes me not think about my Nano Novel or other things I need to get done before November.

And then the blogs! I have been reading blogs about books, about horses, about dogs and cats.  It seems every blog I read there is a link to another and another until I don't remember exactly why I was looking at a blog in the first place or how I got to the current blog.  I did pick one particular blog to go to on purpose though and that is The Daily Coyote.  I just recently finished the book with the same title by Shreve Stockton.  The book brought me back out of my East Coast city self into the old Wyoming cowgirl me, helped me get my feet planted back on earth.  I will eventually have to have a whole post just on that book but that is for another day. Anyway back to the blog, so I was looking at the Daily Coyote blog and there was a link to another one of Shreve's blogs Honey Rock Dawn, I have been reading through this site for hours now. Work is piling up next to me, my outline is laying open with nothing new added, I am completely absorbed by her posts and photos.

So the procrastination continues . . .