Friday, May 21, 2021

Bedtime Story: Please Don't Give Me a Hug! by Judi Moreillon and Illustrated by Estelle Corke

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Synopsis: "There are children who enjoy a solid bear hug, and there are those who don’t—and that’s okay. Friendliness, love, and affection can be shown in many different ways! In this sweet book, young children share the different ways they feel comfortable being greeted by new or friendly acquaintances.

Author Judi Moreillon’s simple, powerful words describe the many ways a person can show a child they care, highlighting the importance of empathy and consent. Estelle Corke's charming illustrations show multiple ways of delivering a friendly greeting. Please Don’t Give Me a Hug! has an encouraging emphasis on social-emotional development that helps to instill confidence in children encountering unfamiliar or scary social situations. This book is helpful for children on the autism spectrum or with touch sensitivity."

My Review:  I was definitely curious about this book when I saw it and wanted to check it out, I was one of those parents who never forced her son to give some one a hug if he didn't want to give one. This took not only the idea of not forcing and allowing young kids the option to consent to a hug or not but also highlighted that some kids aren't comfortable with contact for other reasons. It gave some other great ways that adults and friends can show love to a child who prefers not to hug and ways the child will show love back. I loved how it shows that a high five, a fist bump or even a smile and a wave can convey love just as much, if not more, than a hug for someone who doesn't enjoy them or doesn't want one at that time.

My Rating: I really loved the concept behind this book, we really need to make it common place for the child to choose how they want to interact with others.  I also loved that it gives other options for those who may be unsure in a situation where a kid doesn't want a hug or can't handle the sensation of a hug.  I give it a rating of Four Paws and recommend it for all ages!


I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley, the above is my honest review and opinion.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Blog Tour: Catnip, Toilet Paper and Lasers: Cat Poetry: The Art of Being Feline by M. G. Rorai


This purrfectly hilarious cat poem collection while bring back wonderful memories of your feline friends and have you busting with laughter…

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BOOK BLURB: This purrfectly hilarious cat poem collection while bring back wonderful memories of your feline friends and have you busting with laughter. 9 out of 10 cats recommend this book; the 10th one was Grumpy Cat.

My Review:  I am immediately drawn to any books having to do with cats, so silly cat poetry was right up my alley and I was fortunate to get a chance to read and review it. I love that actual cat antics were used as inspiration for this series of poems. You can tell the author has definitely shared a home with cats, she definitely manages to capture the attitude and mischief they create. I love how she features individual cats specifically in this collection, giving each their own little spotlight. One of my favorite lines was "But I go where I please and lay where I want that dog can sit elsewhere watching me flaunt." If that doesn't completely capture cat attitude, I don't know what does. This was such a fun collection to read and I found something to enjoy on each page. I just hope we get more in the future!

My Rating: I so enjoyed this book, I just wish there was more of it and maybe more and different cats! I got quite a chuckle out of several of the poems and definitely could see many of my own cats over the years in the lines as well. I highly recommend this book for any cat lover out there and give it a rating of Four Paws!


What is the answer?

What will prevail?

Will it be the red dot?

Or will the cat win the tale?


My name is Socks,

and much to my delight,

I chase a red dot

almost every single night.


It travels over bed sheets

and runs across the floor

while I chase to my heart’s content

thirsting for more!


By day I sleep;

by night I chase

when my human comes home from work

and pulls out the laser post-haste!


I hear the clicking of the button

and race into the room

to run after that red dot--

look at me zoom!


M.G. Rorai enjoys hanging with her cats and annoying her husband. She’s been writing for as long she can remember and is slightly obsessed with cats.



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Monday, May 17, 2021

Mystery Monday: Death Bee Comes Her by Nancy Coco

   Welcome to a brand new feature series here on Eastern Sunset Reads!

In the mess that was 2020, one exciting thing that came about is my discovery of Cozy Mysteries.  Yes, I knew they existed before but I never had a desire to pick one up but last year I ended up reading 17 of them! Clearly they have become a regular thing for me to pick up and it is such a vast genre that I can't wait to dive into more of them.  So Mystery Monday has become a thing and will be a (at least somewhat) regular thing here.  So stop by on Mondays to see my reviews of new books I have picked up, new releases, chat about sub-genres and lots more.

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Synopsis: "A BALMY WAY TO GO

With her Let It Bee honey boutique buzzing along nicely, life is as sweet as nectar for Wren Johnson—until she takes a morning walk along the Pacific beach with her Havana Brown cat, Everett, and stumbles upon the body of Agnes Snow, the cranky queen of the local craft fairs, stiff as driftwood. More unfortunate? Clutched in the victim’s fist is a label from Wren’s homemade beeswax-and-honey lip balm. Which makes Officer Jim Hampton focus his dreamy-blue Paul Newman eyes on Wren as suspect number one.

With fabulous feline support from Everett, Wren must comb the town for clues and clear her name before someone else gets stung."

My Review: I was really attracted to the cover and title of this book and being new to cozy mysteries, I was excited to find a series just starting out. I have to admit, I really struggled with this one. I am not a huge fan of the first person narration, for some reason that always throws me out of the story, maybe because a lot of the decisions made are not ones that I would make in those circumstances. I did really enjoy the small town feel of the story and the small business and the knowledge that is shared throughout the story about honeybees. As far as characters go, I definitely didn't connect much with Wren but, of course I loved Everett. I also enjoyed the quirky cast of characters. I loved Halloweentown theme throughout the book however I was expecting a bit more of a summer themed book based on the cover. I did end up loosing interest in the mystery part of the story, which should have been the main theme and focus of the story. I honestly can't even recall how they finally solved it. All in all it was an okay read for me, I might try the second book but this one isn't high up on the list of series I plan to follow.

My Rating: I have definitely been learning a lot about my own reading preferences while dabbling in this new genre. First and foremost, I think I need to test read a few pages at the store before buying books to make sure they aren't in first person. I think if this book had been in third person narration I would have enjoyed it a lot more.  So, I think I will give this one a rating of Two Paws and hope the second book might capture my attention a bit more.