Saturday, June 22, 2019

Graphic Novel Review of The Iliad by Gareth Hinds

Read for: Requested Review/Netgalley/ Graphic Novel Challenge

Synopsis: "In a companion volume to his award-winning adaptation of The Odyssey, the incomparable graphic novelist Gareth Hinds masterfully adapts Homer's classic wartime epic. 

More than three thousand years ago, two armies faced each other in an epic battle that rewrote history and came to be known as the Trojan War. The Iliad, Homer's legendary account of this nine-year ordeal, is considered the greatest war story of all time and one of the most important works of Western literature. In this stunning graphic novel adaptation -- a thoroughly researched and artfully rendered masterwork -- renowned illustrator Gareth Hinds captures all the grim glory of Homer's epic. Dynamic illustrations take readers directly to the plains of Troy, into the battle itself, and lay bare the complex emotions of the men, women, and gods whose struggles fueled the war and determined its outcome. This companion volume to Hinds's award-winning adaptation of The Odyssey features notes, maps, a cast of characters, and other tools to help readers understand all the action and drama of Homer's epic."

My Review:  I first read The Iliad in my college Epic Poetry class and it quickly became one of my favorites, so when I saw this available I knew I had to read it. It has been years since I last read the Iliad but based on what I remember this does follow the original work closely, but it still does a great job of simplifying it and bringing the language to a modern and approachable form. The illustration style is fantastic, it suits the story and is so beautiful. Hinds also includes a great illustrated character guide at the beginning to help readers. While it isn't quite the original work and a bit is lost but this is a very approachable interpretation of the original. I think it would also be great for the younger readers. I am thrilled that I not only found this but the author has several other graphic novels of my favorite epic poems.

My Rating: I really enjoyed this adaptation of The Iliad, it simplified a lot of it into something all readers could follow and enjoy.  The art style really suited the story and setting as well, detailed when it needed to be and clear distinguishing between the characters. I give it a rating of Four Paws!

 I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. The above is my honest opinion.

You can find out more about Gareth Hinds and his other graphic novel adaptations on his  Goodreads Page or Website

You can pick up your own copy of The Iliad in print or digital format from Amazon or print format from Barnes & Noble or check with your library or local comic book store!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Bedtime Story: Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly DiPucchio & Illustrated by Eric Wight

Read for: Children's Book Challenge

Synopsis: "Egg loves Bacon.

Lettuce loves Bacon. 
Waffle loves Bacon. 
Bacon is sizzling with popularity. 
And pretty much everyone thinks he is the best.

That is-until Bacon's fame goes to his head. He's so busy soaking up the attention, that he soon forgets the important things in life, like friendship and family. How will it all pan out for our dashing, delicious hero?"

My Review: As soon as I saw this book I knew I had to pick it up, because I do love Bacon! I was hoping it would be a book that gave Munchkin and me a good laugh, but it fell a little flat for us. It does have a great message about not letting popularity get in the way of friends and family, and how being loved by everyone may not lead to a happy life. The illustrations were silly and bright but again it just didn't work for us. Munchkin did like picking out the other food items and found that entertaining on each page.

My Rating: We were both pretty excited for this book but it just fell flat, we have read so many fantastic funny books lately and this couldn't hold up to them.  We give it a rating of Two Paws and a Stump Wag.

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Review of Proud: Living My American Dream by Ibtihaj Muhammad

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Synopsis: "The inspiring all-American story of faith, family, hard work, and perseverance by Olympic fencer, activist, and Time"100 Most Influential People" honoree Ibtihaj Muhammad

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Ibtihaj Muhammad smashed barriers as the first American to compete wearing hijab, and made history as the first Muslim-American woman to medal. But it wasn't an easy road--in a sport most popular among wealthy white people, Ibtihaj often felt out of place. Ibtihaj was fast, hardworking, and devoted to her faith, but rivals and teammates (as well as coaches and officials) pointed out her differences, insisting she would never succeed. Yet Ibtihaj powered on. Her inspiring journey from a young outsider to an Olympic hero is a relatable, memorable, and uniquely American tale of hard work, determination, and self-reliance."

My Review: I picked this audio book up from the library on a whim to find strong females in books for young girls. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one as I don't usually read memoirs or non-fiction but this book blew me away. Ibtihaj and her story are such an inspiration! The narrator did a fantastic job with inflection to show the full range of emotions Ibtihaj experiences throughout her journey from disappointment, stress, joy, love, excitement, anger and frustration. I loved how she told us not only the triumphs but also the times when she lost her way, it is clear that all of her accomplishments are due to her determination, hard work and a great family support system. I not only learned a lot about fencing but also about the Muslim faith. This was such an informative and inspirational book, I am so glad I picked it up!

My Rating: I will certainly be paying more attention to fencing in the Olympics, in fact Ibtihaj's journey is so inspiring that I am now looking into fencing as a possible sport for Munchkin (while I am entirely aware of the fact that he is the norm for fencing) in hopes that it will help encourage his confidence, problem solving and hand eye coordination.  I highly recommend this book and give it a rating of Four Paws and a Stump Wag!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

It's Not Monday Reading List

It is Monday again, and time to update with what I read last week, what I am currently reading and what to look forward to next week.

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Links will take you to my review

Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake
Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech
Minions: Who's the Boss? by Lucy Rosen (Early Reader)
Sniper's Pride by Megan Crane (Date Night)

 Books Finished Last Week:
Reviews will be posted at a later date

The Iliad
My Corner of the Ring
Everyone Loves Bacon
Necessary Force
Saving Winslow
The Alchemist - DNF

Currently Reading:

Irresistible Force by D.D. Ayers - Ebook - 63%
Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy - Audio - 36%
Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen - Print - on page 28 of 368
Manticore's Vow by Cassandra Clarke Rose - Ebook - 38%

Pages Read/ Time Listened
326:57 Hours Listened (8:13 listened this week)
15,748 Pages Read (836 this week)

Books Added to Shelves Recently: TBR
The Snow Gypsy
Lost Boy
Year One
Girl Who Drank the Moon
King of Scars
Dactyl Hill Squad
The Darkdeep
Lord of the Fading Lands
Shadow of Doubt
Gates of Stone
A Conspiracy of Truths
Vortex Visions
Through the White Wood
Descendant of the Crane
Holy Sister
The Emperor of Evening Stars
Dark Harmony
We Rule the Night
The Sea Queen
The Mountain of Kept Memory
Misfits of Avalon Vol. 1
Misfits of Avalon Vol. 2
The Sea King
Ride Hard
Ride Rough
Ride Wild
Irresistible Force
Force of Attraction
Primal Force
Rival Forces
A Rogue by Any Other Name
A Scot in the Dark
The Day of the Duchess
The Pirate Bride
Pirate Stories
Man Made Boy
This Monstrous Thing
The Case of the Missing Moonstone
Dear Santa
An Endless Christmas
Christmas Magic
Falling Softly
Christmas Town
The Christmas Star
Crazy Rich Asians
Once and Future
Highland Crown
Gris Grimly's Frankenstein
The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals
The Case of the Perilous Palace
The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter
The Beholder
We Hunt the Flame
Dark Shores
Dreaming the Bear
A New Hope
The Trial of Joan of Arc
Midsummer's Mayhem
The Monsters We Deserve
Strange Star
Hephaistos: God of Fire
Ghostly Tales from the Lost Summer of 1816
Till There Was You


Boy this is going up later than I had planned but I am kind of on vacation again. My parents are in town visiting and I was able to take a couple of days off work to spend with them. Now I am back at work and they are hanging out with Munchkin (who honestly the came to visit anyway). We are also elbow deep into our construction project on the house, we are more than half way done with the first phase of the project, new windows and painting the outside of the house. The nice part about painting is that I am able to put headphones in and listen to an audiobook!

What do you do when you are listening to an audio book?