Tuesday, June 1, 2021

March, April & May 2021 Wrap Up and June TBR

So it has been a while huh?! I am very sorry about how absent I have been lately.  While I am absolutely loving my new job, it just doesn't allow time for me to blog as much, but thankfully I have been able to pick up on my reading with audio books when the office is quiet.  So now the only blogging time are in the evenings after Munchkin has gone to bed and it is tough to fit between reading print books, chores and sleep, but I am trying to spend an hour one or two nights a week scheduling posts, so I hope you will be seen just as much from me in the future.  Anyway, shall we play catch up and wrap up the last 3 months of reading? 

We will start with my main challenge this year . . .

TBR Books Read:
So I had figured out that I needed to read at least 5 books off my TBR to meet my goals for this year. Over the past 3  months I have managed to read 10 of those books, which in all honesty I am pretty happy with all things considered.  In addition to these 10 books, I also unhauled 3 more, so not too bad.  I do have a pretty good plan in place to work my way through so more of my current TBR books in the coming months. 



2021 Books added to TBR & Read:
So while I didn't quite meet my goal of reading my TBR books, I think I did a pretty fantastic job of reading a bunch of my newer books over the past three months.  I managed to read 12 of my recent additions and I am pretty darn thrilled with that number!





Other Recent Additions:
So while I did read a ton of my recent additions, I did have a bunch more I haven't gotten to reading yet.  Granted I did have a birthday in March and went on a bit of a shopping spree with my gift cards, but other than those books, I have been super well behaved. The one good thing that comes with less time on the computer at work, less time shopping and adding even more books to my TBR piles. So anyway, here are the other books that have been added to my shelves that I haven't quiet gotten to yet. . . 



I know that seems like a lot, but this is over a 3 month period! Also, there are 16 here and this is the entirety of the books I have purchased this year that I have read yet, out of 36! I am super happy with that balance.  I do have plans to read at least 5 of these books in June too!

In other reading I am tracking this year, I read . . .

Goal: Re-read 15 books

Borrowed Books:
Goal: Borrow 30 books

Books Over 500 Pages:
Goal: 10 books

Requested Reviews: 
9. Summer of Brave (Netgalley)
10. Arrowed (Pump Up Your Book)
11. Hunter's Choice (Netgalley)
13. Big and Little (Netgalley)
14. Furbidden Fatality (Netgalley)
15. Guinevere Trilogy (Pump Up Your Book)
16. Stella (Netgalley)
17. Heart on a Leash (Direct)
18. My Body in Pieces (Netgalley)
19. Catnip, Toilet Paper and Lasers (Pump Up Your Book)
20. Called into Action (Caffeinated PR)
21. Boone (Direct)

 Reading Stats:
I read a total of 20 books this month
2,909 pages read and 4 days, 1 hour and 27 minute of listening
*** I have not been able to keep up with my reading stats, these are the numbers as of the end of February. Maybe at some point I will get around to calculating but honestly, I am not minding not knowing exactly the pages read and hours listened ***

Resolutions Check in:
1. Read that TBR: While I didn't quite make it with my original goal, I am having to adjust my expectations and am calling it a win for the past 3 months. - CHECK
2. Re-Read More: Did you see how many books I re-read in the past three months?! I am really happy with that number. - CHECK
3. Purchase Less & Read More: While I didn't do so hot with the number of books I purchased, I am still really happy with the number of the new books I have been reading. - CHECK
4. Keep Trying New Genres/Authors: I have been trying a lot of new authors in the Cozy Mystery genre and have also tried a couple of memoirs and non-fiction books recently.  - CHECK


June TBR
So as I said at the beginning, almost all of my reading is audio books now due to my work and life schedules. What reading I do manage to do in print or ebook are going to mostly be my indie TBR books and requested review books. With that said, I did go a bit crazy with the recent Audible sale and have picked up a bunch of my TBR books on audio and I have a bunch more on hold at the library.

For TBR books: 
Descendant of the Crane *Currently Reading
The Prince's Son *Currently Reading

Local Star *Currently reading

Sorry for such a giant post but I wanted to get you guys at least somewhat caught up with what I have been up to with my reading. I have really been focusing a lot of my reading time on catching up on requested reviews.  I haven't been taking on any new requests until I can fully catch up on the ones I owe right now, but I am nearly there! I am also really hoping to get my TBR down a bit more over the next couple of months. Starting in July I hope to start binge reading entire series, mostly so I can get to those final book in the series that have been lingering on my TBR shelves. 

I hope you all have been having a wonderful reading year so far!