Rating System & Policies

Review Policy

To request a review of a novel please contact me at easternsunset @ Hotmail.com. I will only accept a review from an author, publisher or publicist, I will not review your friends/uncles/cousins novel, they must contact me directly to request a review. In your email please include a cover image, synopsis, date review needed, and links to amazon, barnes & noble and goodreads when available. Please be patient as I have limited time to respond to emails but I will respond whether I decide to accept the review or not (unless the email I  receive is exceptionally rude or illegible).

I reserve the right to refuse any novel submitted.  If I am unable to finish the book, I will not post a review on my blog and contact you directly explaining why I couldn't finish it. I will make a good attempt to read and review you book within the year that it is sent to me; however, I have very limited time between working full time and raising Munchkin. If you need the book reviewed by a specific date please inform me of that in your initial email.

When I post the review on my blog I will include the cover image, synopsis (either from your email or goodreads), my review, my rating (see below), links to the author's blog/goodreads page/website when provided and links to Amazon & Barnes and Noble for readers to purchase their own copies. My review will be posted on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble along with here on the blog.  When I have read and reviewed your novel I will contact you via email with the expected date for the blog post.

Formats Accepted:
I can accept ebooks in Mobi and PDF formats.  I will also accept books in print (please request the address in your initial email).  I am also open to accepting a book or two in audio to see how that goes as well.

Genres Preferred:
My blog features a wide variety of genres and while I am willing to read nearly anything once, I don't feel that reviewing a book for you outside my genre can give it the proper rating if I am not familiar with the genre.
~Childrens/ Picture
~Middle Grade
~Young Adult
~New Adult
~Graphic Novels (Print Format Only)
~Historical Romance
~Contemporary Romance
~Paranormal Romance
~Fantasy/High & Epic Fantasy
~Erotica (M/M, M/F, M/M/F, M/F/F all accepted)

Genres I MAY Consider:
~Medical Thriller

Genres Not Accepted:
The following Genres will not be accepted under any circumstances
~Sci/Fi (any mention of math or science - light time travel will be considered)
~Non Fiction (unless it is a memoir)
~Current Events/ Political
~Self Help
~Extreme Fetish Erotica
~Crime Thrillers/Mysteries


So I have noticed many sites and blogs have their own unique rating system, some have stars, hearts, I even saw one that had cups of coffee (I will add the link when I find that blog again).  So I got to thinking how do I want to rate the books I am reviewing, what am I passionate about in addition to books.  The answer was right in front of me, and I mean right in front of me . . . .

One with total interest in what I was doing and the other, well as much interest as she ever gives anything other than her food.

Rating System

   1 Paw Print = Yuck! Put it down Mom, lets do something fun!

2 Paw Prints = Eh! Its ok, but ooh look Bacon

3 Paw Prints = Oh, This is good. Outside fun can wait

4 Paw Prints = NO! Don't Stop, what do you mean eat & sleep?

And a Stump Wag = what would normally be considered a 1/2 star

Blog Post schedule:
Monday - Monday Reading List/ Magic Tree House Review
Tuesday - Review / Tea Time Tuesday/ Tasty Attempts
Wednesday -  Review (requested)
Thursday - Pen to Paper /After Dark
Friday - Early Reader/ Bedtime Story
Saturday - Graphic Novel Review (every Other)
Sunday - Open
Mindless Ramblings - Weekends randomly
Crafty Times - Weekends randomly
Fun with Munchkin - Weekends Randomly
Monthly Mini Reviews - Last Saturday of Each Month
Challenge Update - last or first day of the month
Author Interviews/Guest Posts/Giveaways - TBD - check blog