Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So overflowing with love and joy

that it rains down my cheeks as tears.

Even with all the chaos of this November, and utterly failing at Nano, I find myself so loved that I can't imagine what I have done to deserve it!

I am preparing to head to my home town for a brief visit to celebrate my brother's wedding and I find that my dance card is full! So many people are going out of their way to see me, I am touched! My parents had run out of Christmas decorations and weren't able to decorate my special tree Fred (yes I named my special pine tree, he started out less than a foot tall and now towers over 7 feet) so their neighbor stopped decorating his house and brought over his decorations for Fred just because he knew I was coming home and would want to see Fred all prettied up. The old janitor at my school remembers a promise he made to me that he had to be there upon my 10 year reunion, well I wont be able to make it. He had planned to take a day off work but upon finding out I would be visiting he changed his plans so that he could be there to see me! Many many people I never expected to are dropping their plans to visit with me on my brief trip. It truely is amazing to find all this love pouring in my cup!

Some of this joyous out look on life suddenly maybe partially due to the books I have recently read.

To start off with the opening quote from The Unsuspecting Mage by Brian Pratt

""Having your nose stuck in a book may be a great way to spend your spare time unless you do it to the exclusion of everything else. You get up, grab your book, then read until the night comes when your forced to put it down for sleep. Oh sure, you have the occassional interuptions in the pattern like eating and school but that, I suppose, must be tolerated"

Talk about a totally appropriate opening line for any book lover to read! I have felt this is my life lately, so wrapped up in my books, but the need for them was great this month. I had to be able to escape into the fantasy world where more often than not Love triumphs over all.

I have also been reading a series by P.C. Cast called the Goddess Summoning Series.

The first book - Goddess of the Sea - was by far the best book I have read in a long time! I was reading it at work and when the time came to leave I was giggling with glee the whole way home. Then later in the night the emotions of the book overwhelmed me and I swear I could feel my heart breaking with the character's. I have not cried so hard in a very very long time! Tears of anquish and pain were soon followed with tears of relief and joy.  I suggest this book to anyone who loves the myths and romance!

The next book in the series that I read - Goddess of Spring - makes me wish I had more talent with art. I wish I could show what I see forming in my mind with the descriptions of the underworld! I think everyone needs to read this especially the soul mates portion. It gives hope and wonder! I may still attempt an art piece for that particular scene!

I then read - Goddess of the Rose - and wow! That is almost all I can say, the pain and sacrifice this story contains is not for the faint of heart, but Wow! So worth it!

I am now reading - Goddess of Legend and can't wait to see what this tale holds.

All of these books by PC Cast has renewed my love for the Myths! I hope the stories continue!

I hope you are all surrounded by the love you desire!