Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review of Forever Frost by Kailin Gow

Synopsis: "Breena's entry into Feyland is marred by danger and beauty. A prisoner in her own palace, she longs to see and touch her forbidden prince Kian. Yet her heart is also still with her friend Logan. In a stunning turn of events, Breena suddenly finds herself faced with the most heartbreaking decision in her entire life."

My Review: Well I was really looking forward to this one, but I have to admit I am a little disappointed. I was hoping for more development in the main character Breena, but she continues to try to act mature but is really just a slightly annoying teen. The characters continue to find themselves in the same situations as before and the result is still the same. Also the spelling errors (which I can normally ignore) really started to bother me because they were everywhere I looked. I will continue to read the next book, mainly because I already have it and I am enjoying the subcharacters.        

My Rating:  Unfortunately Forever Frost just didn't meet the level I was expecting so I give it a rating of Two Paws.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review of The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Synopsis: "When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy took their first steps into the world behind the magic wardrobe, little do they realise what adventures are about to unfold. And as the story of Narnia begins to unfold, so to does a classic tale that has enchanted readers of all ages for over half a century."

My Review: Well I forgot how much I enjoyed this book! It is a great adventure for all readers, boy or girl, young or old, new to it or a re-read! The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe is just as fun every time you read it. And I am actually impressed with how well the new movie sticks with the book, but it is still more fun to imagine things for yourself. If you haven't read it or even haven't read it in a while, I suggest you pick it up and loose yourself in Narnia for a bit.  The conversational style of writing makes it easy for everyone to understand and follow. The imagery is rich and you can see everything happening if you close your eyes and of course the variety of unique characters, everyone will find a favorite!

My Rating: I don't think I could give this one any less than Four Paws!

Note: this was suppose to be a Rhodie Reader book club book but due to my being sick and hosting we had to cancel.  I don't have any feedback for you but I am sure all who read it loved it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

After Dark Review of Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton

I have added After Dark Reviews to my blog as a way of notifying you of a review of a book with Adult themes and scenes. From now on I will keep my reviews of all books I read that have explicit scenes in them for late night posts for those of you who prefer to avoid them or easy to find for those of you who seek them out ;)

Synopsis: "My aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, is no longer distracted by her usual sadistic hobbies. Her obsession has turned unwaveringly to me. The mission to get me pregnant and beat my cousin Prince Cel to the crown is taking longer than expected. Even though I spend each night with the Queen’s Ravens, my immortal guards, no child has come of our decadent pleasures. But something else is happening. My magic courses through me uncontrollably. And as I lock my half-mortal body with their full-Sidhe blooded ones, the power surges like never before.

It all began with the chalice. I dreamed of it, and it appeared, cool and hard, beside me when I awoke. My guards know the ancient relic well—its disappearance ages ago stripped them of their vital powers. But it is here with us now. My touch resonates with its force, and they’re consumed with it, their Sidhe essences lit up by it. But even as they cherish me for this unexpected gift, there are those who loathe me for it. Me, a mongrel, only half fey and part mortal. The Unseelie court has suffered for so long, and there are some who would not have it weakened further by an impure queen. My enemies grow in number every day. But they do not know what I am capable of. Nor, for that matter, do I…."

My Review: Gosh I really love Merry and her men! I really have to say, Frost continues to drive me insane, but I do love Doyle still. I have to say this book got a little more into the magic and a little more into the past of the men, which was exciting. I think my favorite part of the books though is the political maneuvering and intrigue, absolutely love how Merry is able to negotiate her way through all the twisted rules and customs. However, its a little unfortunate that there are even more characters added when you are just feeling like you finally understanding the current main ones. All in all another great adventure with Merry!

My Rating: As with all the Laurell K. Hamilton books, I really really enjoyed Seduced by Moonlight.  I give it a rating of Four Paws.

Warning: Adult themes, situations, nudity, danger, blood and death.

Wednesday Writing - Back from Vaca

So Wednesday is my official writing update day. I have so many story projects going on and I need a push to get some done. So I will be trying to post each Wednesday about how my writing adventures are going (and I may need a swift kick in the pants by you guys sometimes).

Current Active Project:

Princess Bs - 32,131 words
A story about a woman, recently divorced and returned to her home town to figure out what is next. She encounters an old friend and spends a weekend with him and his daughters. Feelings that are long since buried are rising up again, but are her recent loss and his current life going to stand in the way of their happily ever after?

Other Works in Progress:

The New Old Home - 17,193 words

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, but what would you do with that money? That is the question presented to Natalie, when she is at the lowest point in her life, she is presented with an opportunity to make any normal person's dreams come true, but all those winnings can't give her what she wants most.

Tamlyn Marie's Grace - 12,072 words

Think Cinderella only with a matchmaker ;)

The Last Mountains - 15,352

A equine shapeshifting family is being hunted to near extinction and the young new leader must go against all her lessons and approach the elite council for aide. Will they help her? How will she keep her family's traditions and values alive, let alone her herd?

Night Rider - 17,229

Alice is a recent high school graduate who is a very accomplished competitive rider in Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Western/Rodeo. Her parents had arranged for her to attend a private college on the east coast geared specifically to equine professions. However, Alice wants to focus on her studies in English Literature. When she arrives at the college she hides her riding abilities, but can she keep her talent and love of horses hidden?

Other Ideas Plotting:

Bloodsoar's Story

A pegasus struggles through life, ejected from the herd, near capture by humans.

The Assassin's Assassin

A student learns what the school is really teaching and sets out to destroy those who support the program.


So I spent pretty much my entire vacation sick as a dog, I couldn't even huddle up next to the fire place and write :(  So yup no writing or even inspiration was to be had, but luckily I did get a little bit of reading done and should have a few reviews posted for all of you this week. 
I do apologize for my complete lack of activity, it has not been a very good first month and a half of the new year and all will be explained at a later date.  Hope you all had a good Valentines Day yesterday and are having a better year this year than I am!!