Saturday, June 28, 2014

From the Book: Page by Paige

From the Book is a series of posts where I will take something I read in a book and either re-create it in real life or at least something inspired by the book.
So welcome to my very first From The Book Post! I have had this one planned for months and months but weather and time has not been cooperating.  Nonetheless, we have finally arrived. 
I found the graphic novel Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge (you can see my review HERE) to be very inspiring in my artistic life and have been trying to use some of the lessons learned in that book.
One of the things that I really liked were their Art Mobs I guess you would call it because it isn't really street art but art out on the street. One of the things they did were filled Easter Eggs
Goodness knows I had loads of left over eggs from Munchkin and I always have little trinkets in my art supplies so I set out to make some inspirational eggs of my own.
I think my favorites are the Minions, they make me giggle. 
I have started hiding the eggs, only a few at a time because really I don't go many places. Hid one next to a mail drop box at the office complex to brighten someone's bad day, one at a coffee shop drive thru to start off a day in a good way, left one in a shopping cart. I haven't been able to hang around and see if I can watch someone's reaction yet but I would like to think the eggs brought a smile to someone's face and maybe made them a little happier and a little friendlier at least for a time.
So what do you think? Like them? Or do you think they would be a nuisance? Do you have a favorite?
Coming up soon on From the Book, soufflé (yea you read right, wish me luck!).

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