Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shelving Saturday - #9

Welcome to Shelving Saturday

Shelving Saturday is a weekly blog event I have started here at Eastern Sunset Reads.   Each week I will post a shelving dilemma or question and you can join me in the response.
Please feel free to post on your blog and link back here, please be sure to post the link to your response in the comments so I can come and check your Shelving day out!
We have our shelves, we definitely have our books but do we have them organized yet? Lets see those bookshelves!  Over the next couple of weeks I would like to re-organize some shelves with all of you.
My own shelves are a disaster right now, I have romance in with medical mystery and paranormal in with young adult! Oh the mess!!
Do you see that stack to the right? That is my TBR Pile!! *dies* I think I need to go on a book buying ban for a while until I can reach the light switch again!

And my children's books and photo albums are just crammed in there (with cat treats and cds)
Laura Ingalls Wilder next to Mein Kampf?! Yea I know and Barbie body parts?! Yea I said Parts! This is what happens when your library is also the cats room and craft room!

So tell me I'm not the only one with a mess on my hands! Lets see those shelves and figure out where to start with the re shelving project. I think I am going to do two shelves at a time and start with the little bookshelf.


  1. Wow! That's quite the TBR stack! Mine aren't that bad but there's NO organization!


  3. Haha yea I think I have enough books to last me until 2013!

    Thanks for participating Jenny <3