Friday, June 24, 2011

Bedtime Story: Guess How Much I Love You

Synopsis from Barnes & Noble: "During a bedtime game, every time Little Nutbrown Hare demonstrates how much he loves his father, Big Nutbrown Hare gently shows him that the love is returned even more."

My Review: This is a definite favorite for many parents and kids. I think the favorite part about it though has always been that its a papa rabbit.  Though it is kind of odd how that big hare has to out do the little hare, I think most parents would let the little one win a contest like that.  The illustrations are very cute too, the sparing and soft colors fit the whole feel of the book.

My Rating: I adore this book and I know a lot of other people also continue to read it from generation to generation.  I thing it deserves Three Paws.

Good Night, Sweet Dreams

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