Monday, June 27, 2011

Review of Belle: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Cameron Dokey

Synopsis from Goodreads: "Belle is convinced she has the wrong name, as she lacks her sisters' awe-inspiring beauty. So she withdraws from society, devoting her time to wood carving. Secretly, Belle longs to find the fabled Heartwood Tree. If carved by the right hands, the Heartwood will reveal the face of one's true love.

During a fierce storm, Belle's father stumbles upon the mysterious Heartwood—and encounters a terrifying and lonely Beast. Now Belle must carve the Heartwood to save her father, and learn to see not with the eyes of her mind, but with the eyes of her heart"

My Review: I really enjoyed this book. I liked that it was written kind of as a conversation/story telling, but it did seem to get a little lost at times. I also liked how the beauty and the beast part of the story wasn't the main story line, it was just the means in which she came to understanding her own beauty and value. The scene and character development was great and you could really connect with Belle. The pain the Belle feels when she isn't noticed when standing between her beautiful sisters, or at feeling so ordinary when surrounded by beautiful people.  One can understand how it would be easiest to withdraw from society.  The book has a lot of wisdom that many people could use in today's world, that beauty isn't always easy to see.

My Rating: I absolutely loved this book, even though it took me a little while to complete. It has been placed amoung my favorites so couldn't give it any less than Four Paws and a Stump Wag.

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