Friday, February 12, 2016

Beginning Reader Review of Mama Loves by Molly Goode

Read for: Early Reader Challenge and Valentine's Day
Synopsis: ""Mama loves you, little kit,
and lifts you gently by the scruff.

Mama loves her pack of cubs
and scolds you when you play too rough."

Celebrate the love between mother and child in this gentle, rhymed rhapsody of mother-love as dogs, cats, bears, ducklings, whales -- and so many more -- shower unconditional love on their babies. Filled with best-selling illustrator Lisa McCue's menagerie of cuddly creatures, Mama Loves is perfect for human mamas to share with their young."

My Review: I picked this book up because I thought it would be perfect for the Valentine's Day weekend. It is a cute book with animal mommas and babies and it each page tells of the different ways that a momma shows her love, in ways other than hugs and kisses. The sentences are a little long for really young readers but the pictures help clue in on the words and the words are all simple. The copy I picked up also had a nice little card in the back that kids can give to their mommas (or someone else they love).
My Rating: This is a cute book (though very similar to board books we have read in the past) and a great one to show that mothers do other things to show our love, like giving them baths, protecting them, etc.  We give this book a rating of Three Paws.


  1. Well, obviously the cats on the cover are a big plus!

    1. Of course! Hubby calls every night about bedtime (it is his lunch break time at work) and Munchkin told him we were getting to read the kitty book.