Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review of Locking Horns by MK Trent

Read for: Across the States, Mount TBR
Synopsis: "High school comes back to haunt Lexi Cunningham when she finds herself doing community service in Charles Town, West Virginia at Buddy Beckett's cattle ranch. Buddy was the school trouble-maker she had no time for. Now she has to make time for him - 100 hours of time to be exact. Buddy Beckett's favorite fantasy thirteen years ago was arrogant, unapproachable Alexis Cunningham. Much to his delight, she's gotten herself into dutch with the law and her retribution includes cleaning stalls in his barn. Quite a come-down for the girl who considered herself better than everyone else in high school. Thrown together in one crazy situation after another, Buddy and Lexi discover that life can toss some pretty big cow pies into the ring - including the big "L" word, Love."

My Review: This was a little different from what I expected. I wasn't a fan of the conflict, it seems a little ridiculous to hold onto a high school grudge and personality for that long. As a result of this I really did not like Alexis. I did however like Buddy even though he was a little bitter it seemed he got over it quickly and just wanted to bring the snobby Alexis down a peg or two (which was clearly needed), I absolutely loved his family and would have liked more with them. I feel like it took a really long time to bring around the conclusion. I guess maybe it all just felt a little immature to me.
My Rating: I didn't really enjoy most of this one, I felt like so much was immature and forced.  I give it a rating of One Paw and a Stump Wag.

Note: there are some risqué scenes but they are limited and easily skipped over.


  1. Sorry it was a disappointment. There's nothing like immature characters to ruin a story.

    1. That is one thing I cannot stand, either characters acting too old for their age or acting too immature. Obviously there are personality quirks that are allowable but this was too far beyond.