Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Goodreads Challenge Wrap-Up & 2015 Sign-Up

I have signed up for the Goodreads Challenge for the past 4 years and have far surpassed my goals each year.  This year was no different. I had originally set a goal of 156 books and after increasing twice throughout the year settled on 260.
Well I totally blew that number out of the water.  I have read 370 books this year (and may finish a couple more in the next couple of days)!
Now that is way too many links to add here (even though I will have to add them to my Archive page eventually) but you can check out the books
For a little bit of a breakdown (these numbers calculated 12-15-14 and don't contain quite all the books):
10 - 1 Star Ratings
59 - 2 Star Ratings
106 - 3 Star Ratings
129 - 4 Star Ratings
53 - 5 Star Ratings
Longest book read: Affliction with 570 Pages
112 were Children's Books
28 were Requested Reviews
42 were After Dark books
27 were Graphic Novels
The Top 5 Books of the Year:
In no particular order because there is no way I could do that
Most Disappointing Books of the Year:
We Bought a Zoo - After such a fantastic movie, I definitely expected more out of this book.
A Shiver of Light - I waited 5 years for this book?!
Harry Potter Series Particularly Book 1 & Book 2 - After all the hype I expected to be pulled into this series and not be able to stop reading until it was finished. It was excruciating to get through these books, never mind the dread of having to read the rest of them.
2015 Sign-Up and Outlook
Last I checked the sign ups for 2015 weren't up yet but I will be signing up for the 5th year.  I am going to put my goal at 312 and that is where it will stay for this next year.
I have big plans for this year with all the challenges I am already signing up for and have my shelves filled (both on Goodreads and literally) with 279 books already!

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