Sunday, October 12, 2014

Crafty Times (7)

Crafty Times is a new thing I am trying on the blog where I can share some of the art and crafts I have created (you can too of course). I really dabble in a wide variety of crafts and hope you can find something that sparks your interest or inspires you!
It is getting close to Christmas (I know not that close but I know things always get crazy the closer we get) so it is time to start thinking about gifts.  It can get really expensive when we have so many kids to get gifts for, so I had a moment of inspiration a couple of weeks ago.
I found these great blank books in the Target dollar bins not to long ago, I wasn't sure what I would do with them but I grabbed a bunch.  Then I saw on vacation how my little niece loved sticking stickers on pages.  So I decided for all the little kids I would make Sticker Books (because honestly you know we all had a sticker collection book as kids)!
I used letter stickers for the names on the fronts, and then I discovered Washi Tape (holy cow, I am a total convert and could easily become totally obsessed with this stuff), I decorated a few pages in the books and left a bunch blank so the kids could choose themed pages or not.
Princess Page
Construction page
Water Page
Airplanes Page
I also had Disney/Mickey Page, Music Page, Alphabet Page & Food Page.
I also raided my sticker box (I stash those free stickers you get from the Disney Movie club & Highlight Magazine fliers) and hit the dollar store, craft store and Staples for a bunch of sticker packs which I will divide up and give to each kid with a book.
It only took me about half an hour to make these books and I have 4 more to make, all in all a very inexpensive (under $5 per kid) and easy Christmas gift!

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