Monday, December 23, 2013

Advent Reads Day 23: Bedtime Story: The Age of Not Believing by Andrew Szlachetko

Synopsis: "The Age of Not Believing is a beautifully illustrated new Christmas story for children, about a young boy at the ‘age of not believing’ who discovers, the true meaning and magic of Christmas. Filled with messages, ideals, twists and surprises, The Age of Not Believing is sure to please and to surprise.

Thomas is awoken on Christmas Eve by a mysterious voice. As he follows the voice and walks towards the Christmas tree, he is magically transported to the strange and troubled land of Semdar (an anagram of ‘dreams’), where the wicked Torga has banished Christmas, forever.

Only he can break the spell, but as his adventure unfolds, he is captured by silver wolves and taken to Torga’s castle, where through an unexpected turn of events, he ends up helping and saving the witch!

The story ends with Thomas waking up beneath the Christmas tree. He wonders whether it was all just a dream, but then something catches his eye, to suggest that perhaps it was not..."

My Review: This is a great story especially for kids getting to the "age of unbelieving" to bring back the magic of Christmas even if they stop believing in Santa. I think it would be especially great if you had two children, one who has stopped believing and one who still does, it is a nice middle ground that can be shared by all. There are several great messages in this one story, how it wasn't a great gift that Torga needed but a simple act of kindness and how Thomas took it upon himself to apologize to Josh. A great story for the holiday season.
My Rating: I really enjoyed this story and particularly how it was not about material gifts. Great messages wrapped in a magical adventure for all ages. I give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag.
This book was sent to me for an honest review.
You can find out more about the story and Andrew on the Website.
You can also obtain your own digital copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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