Saturday, June 22, 2019

Graphic Novel Review of The Iliad by Gareth Hinds

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Synopsis: "In a companion volume to his award-winning adaptation of The Odyssey, the incomparable graphic novelist Gareth Hinds masterfully adapts Homer's classic wartime epic. 

More than three thousand years ago, two armies faced each other in an epic battle that rewrote history and came to be known as the Trojan War. The Iliad, Homer's legendary account of this nine-year ordeal, is considered the greatest war story of all time and one of the most important works of Western literature. In this stunning graphic novel adaptation -- a thoroughly researched and artfully rendered masterwork -- renowned illustrator Gareth Hinds captures all the grim glory of Homer's epic. Dynamic illustrations take readers directly to the plains of Troy, into the battle itself, and lay bare the complex emotions of the men, women, and gods whose struggles fueled the war and determined its outcome. This companion volume to Hinds's award-winning adaptation of The Odyssey features notes, maps, a cast of characters, and other tools to help readers understand all the action and drama of Homer's epic."

My Review:  I first read The Iliad in my college Epic Poetry class and it quickly became one of my favorites, so when I saw this available I knew I had to read it. It has been years since I last read the Iliad but based on what I remember this does follow the original work closely, but it still does a great job of simplifying it and bringing the language to a modern and approachable form. The illustration style is fantastic, it suits the story and is so beautiful. Hinds also includes a great illustrated character guide at the beginning to help readers. While it isn't quite the original work and a bit is lost but this is a very approachable interpretation of the original. I think it would also be great for the younger readers. I am thrilled that I not only found this but the author has several other graphic novels of my favorite epic poems.

My Rating: I really enjoyed this adaptation of The Iliad, it simplified a lot of it into something all readers could follow and enjoy.  The art style really suited the story and setting as well, detailed when it needed to be and clear distinguishing between the characters. I give it a rating of Four Paws!

 I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. The above is my honest opinion.

You can find out more about Gareth Hinds and his other graphic novel adaptations on his  Goodreads Page or Website

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  1. I really loved The Iliad when I read it in high school. I think these graphic novel versions of the classics are a great idea, and I'm glad this one was really well done!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. These classics graphic novels are such a great way to make them more approachable. I love that they often stick close to the original material, just making it more visual and maybe cutting out some of the extras many readers would be bored by. Some may enjoy them so much that they may decide to try more classics in their original format.

  2. I've never read The Illiad. It intimidates me, but I'd read this.

    1. I can understand that, even looking back the listing of all the people and their war prizes gets very tedious and makes the book seem so slow and long, but I hope you will give this a try and maybe you will enjoy it!