Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Booktubers

Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes on Youtube.

This week's topic is a Booktube SFF Babbles crossover topic all about our favorite Booktubers (or Bloggers/Bookstagrammers) who talk about Science Fiction and/or Fantasy.  

I have a few that I watch almost every time they put a video out and it is because of some of them that I have branched into Sci-Fi and have discovered some new favorite fantasy books.

So the first I have to mention is of course Thoughts on Tomes.  One of my favorite things is that she breaks up her reviews into a spoiler free review and then in another video she has a more in depth discussion.  I use the spoiler free review to decide if I am going to read a book or not and then after I finish I often go back to the gush/gripe/discussions to see how our opinions were similar or different.  I also like how she started Tome Topple to get us reading chunkier books.

It is because of Sam that I read The Tiger's Daughter, it ended up being one of my favorite books last year! 

Another of my favorites is Jes Reads Books.  Jes seems to lean more towards Sci-Fi books, though she does read a lot of fantasy and other genres as well.  Recently, I have loved her more chatty posts, she talks a lot about mental health.  I really loved her recent video discussing conscience spending especially relating to book spending habits, it really made me pause and think about why I buy books.  She is so inspirational in so many aspects and I love her spirit!

It is because of Jes that I picked up the Themis Files series last year and broke into the Sci-fi genre after years of avoiding it, and found that I really enjoy it.

I really enjoy watching Kitty G videos, she always has a wide variety of fantasy books, from self published to translated works.  I discover so many backlist books from her and lesser known books that I hadn't heard about anywhere else.  To be honest, I also stalk her shelves, I zoom in and check out titles on her shelves.  She is very honest in her reviews, and manages to keep them spoiler free but still goes in depth about why she did or didn't like it and who would enjoy a book.  Also, her intro song just makes me instantly happy.

It was on her shelves that I discovered The Natural History of Dragons series, and I loved them!

It took me a while but once I finally discovered What Cass Read I have watched nearly all of her videos.  For some reason I find I really click with Cass, it seems that we are at similar points in our lives, settled and comfortable.  Anyway, she reads a lot of chunkier fantasy books and it has given me motivation to pick up some of my bigger books and not be as intimidated by them.  She also reads a lot of back list books and is honest about hyped books.

Someday I will finally get to reading Robin Hobb, Cass makes her writing sound like it is right up my alley!

And my current favorite Booktuber, Shaegeeksout.  I originally started following her for fantasy and I think I found her page through Tome Topple.  I continued following Shae because of the variety of books she reads, from Sci-Fi/ Fantasy to Romance and recently a lot more Manga.  I love her attitude and how she is completely unapologetic for her reading preferences, as it should be, and the wide variety of books she discusses.  She is always so upbeat and positive.

Shae has a lot of fun Live Streams and Chats that are reasonable length and often vlogs her reading adventures.

So there are just a few of my favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Booktubers, there are several more that I watch often but these are the ones that I watch every video pretty much the day they come out. Who are some of your favorites?  Do you have some favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy bloggers I should check out? or how about Bookstagrammers?

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