Friday, July 13, 2018

Bedtime Story: Roar of a Snore by Marsha Diane Arnold

Read for: Children's Book Challenge/ Summer Reading Program

Synopsis: "All the Huffles are fast asleep, except for Jack. He heard a noise that rocked the floor. He heard a noise that shook the door. Jack heard . . . a snore! Just who is making this racket? Unable to sleep, Jack and his dog go searching. It must be Mama Gwyn, whose huffs and puffs set her curlers spinning, but when Jack wakes her . . . the snore roars on! And so it goes with Baby Sue, the twins, Papa Ben, even the farm animals. At last the Huffles follow their ears toward a surprising culprit."

My Review: Munchkin picked this book out at the library because someone in our house snores horribly loud. This is a fun read that has a lot of repetition for the young readers and pre-readers to pick up on. It will also get them laughing with quite a surprise at the end! We really enjoyed it and read it a few times before returning it to the library.

My Rating: Munchkin picked this one out and he really had a lot of fun reading it, he loved the repetition of the story and a lot of snickers happened while reading the story. We give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag!

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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