Friday, October 21, 2016

Bedtime Story: Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Read for: Children's Book Challenge
Synopsis: "The witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch's hat, then her bow, and then her wand! Luckily, three helpful animals find the missing items, and all they want in return is a ride on the broom. But is there room on the broom for so many friends? And when disaster strikes, will they be able to save the witch from a hungry dragon?"

My Review: This book is by the same author who wrote The Gruffalo, so of course we had to get this one too. It is a cute book that is perfect for Halloween with out being too scary for those little ones who are sensitive, like Munchkin. It has fun rhymes that kids will want to join in reading, and underneath the story is a message about helping others and it eventually coming back to you. Munchkin enjoyed this book, not as much as Gruffalo, but then again nothing really does. It was a great book for the season (there is also a movie too but we haven't caught it on TV yet).
My Rating: I really love how this one is appropriate for Halloween but without the spookiness to it. It has that same little rhythm and rhyme that the Gruffalo did and it just flows off the tongue. We give it a rating of Four Paws!
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!


  1. This is one of Gnome's favorite books! The show is really great too.

    1. I really have come to love all of Julia's books that we have tried so far, I know there are a bunch more out there too. I have to go out today and get some more meds for Munchkin so I am going to see if I can find the movie for him.