Wednesday, April 13, 2016

RI Author Feature: The Street or Me by Judith Glynn

Synopsis: "Judith Glynn can barely make ends meet in New York City when she befriends Michelle, a homeless drunk in her neighborhood. Previously a beauty queen in Italy, Michelle had come to the states when an American photographer convinced her that fame and fortune awaited. Drugs and alcohol got in the way of that dream. Putting her life aside and risking her own safety, Judith is determined to recover Michelle’s dignity and return her to her family in Italy. But is Michelle too far gone, preferring street life and possible death in a gutter over Judith’s guiding light back into society?

Present in this inspirational memoir is Judith's personal struggle to overcome her past and change her life. But is she wise to involve her family with Michelle, a woman she's grown to love during their odyssey? All told, nothing is easy in this book. When the story should be ending, it begins all over again."

My Review:  This was an interesting book and outside of my normal reading comfort zone. I must say it was a difficult book for me to read, it was not a happy book by any means, it is a struggle. While the main subject of the book is about Judith's connection to a homeless woman, Michelle, and her struggle to return her to sobriety and her home in Italy, it is also about Judith's own struggle to find herself to solid ground after walking away from her previous life. It is inspirational to read about the courage one person had and was able to change the life, even for a brief time of someone else. While I don't believe I would be able to step up the way Judith did, it is still eye opening to the humanity around us.
My Rating: This book was so far out of my usual comfort zone of reading but it was still a very engaging story. It is also a true story.  I give it a rating of Three Paws.
I had the pleasure of meeting Judith Glynn at the RI Author Expo in December 2015.  You can find out more about Judith and her works on her Website or stay tuned for an interview tomorrow!
You can purchase your own copy of A Collector of Affections on her Website or on Amazon or you can check back tomorrow for the Interview with Judith and a giveaway!



  1. Yay for reading outside your comfort zone. I'm glad that this one was at least engaging.

  2. It was really a hard one to get through because it is such a tough subject matter. This wasn't a fictional book where everything is wrapped up with a bow, but it was still a very interesting read.