Friday, April 15, 2016

RI Author Feature: Bedtime Story: Edgar Graduates by Mary Ann Shallcross Smith

Synopsis: "Edgar is preparing for his preschool graduation! He thinks back on when he first started school as an infant. Explore the milestones that Edgar has achieved and discover the possibilities that the future may hold. From diapers to diplomas! Families and children will enjoy reading this story together and discussing educational opportunities that are available. By bringing educational words such as Bachelor's Degree, Doctorate Degree, or diploma into the family conversation, it becomes more attainable for all children. There are so many educational opportunities available!"

My Review: I picked this book up at the RI Author Expo for Munchkin. He is in is first year of Preschool (3yr old) and I thought this would be a fun book to read as the year draws to a close. I had no idea Munchkin would enjoy this one so much! We had a lot of fun talking about not only things he has learned in preschool (and daycare before that) but also about what comes after preschool. He has recently taken a real interesting in where school buses go and we have discussed it a few times and this book also helped explain what comes next. I love how it also has a page to list all his graduations, as well as several blank pages at the end where you can write notes, add pictures or have teachers sign.
My Rating: This is a great book to give to young or older graduates, great for young ones to learn about what happens after preschool and for older graduates to look back on what they had to accomplish to get to this point.  We give it a rating of Three Paws and Stump Wag.
I had the benefit of meeting Mary Ann Shallcross Smith at the RI Author Expo in December 2015. I could not find a specific website for her as an author but you can find out some information from her Dr. DayCare Page.
You can obtain your own copy of Edgar Graduates on Amazon.

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