Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pen to Paper: Letter Folding

How are all of you doing in this crazy holiday season? Did you find any of the quotes from last week particularly inspiring and sending you in search of a pen and some paper? I sure hope so!
Anyway, today I thought I would talk a little about some ways to make your pen pal letters a little more fun. I have noticed a trend as I have been doing research for these posts in making pen pal letters a little more creative and fun than just your standard written letter on some lovely stationary. One thing I saw that I thought would be fun (and honestly a little nostalgic to my junior high and high school years) was letter folding.
I test out a few methods on some stationary paper I wasn't planning on using (it was in one of the subscriptions and just wasn't my style at all). It was fun and it was surprising that some how I started remembering a couple of ways I used to fold notes in school.
Here are the pins from Pinterest I used to fold these letters:
Top letter (they called it old fashioned style)
You can also find tutorials on youtube if the pictures don't make sense. And there are obviously a lot more different ways to fold your envelopes.
Some simple tips to have success with folding your letters:
~ Fold the same sized paper to test it before writing your letter.
~ On your test make note of the side that shows when folded so you can make sure your writing is on the inside.
~ Crease your folds with the cap of a pen to keep them nice and crisp (it will help as the folds get thicker)
~ Use a little washi tape to hold it all in place when you are done if it tries to pop up. The wonderful thing about washi tape is that it will peel off without damaging your letter.
I hope that you have a chance to get a little fun and creative with your pen pal letters. I will have a few more creative things to do with your letters coming up in January!

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