Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crafty Times (3) - Happy Easter!

Crafty Times is a new thing I am trying on the blog where I can share some of the art and crafts I have created (you can too of course). I really dabble in a wide variety of crafts and hope you can find something that sparks your interest or inspires you!
It is Easter Sunday for those who celebrate it and I have just the perfect craft for today.  While desperate to find simple ways to keep Munchkin busy and keep his brain on and learning I came across these things called Busy Bags. They are all over Pinterest and Mom Blogs, and I saw the inspiration for my craft to day on one of them.
I made Munchkin color matching Easter eggs. You really can't get much more simple than this, some plastic Easter Eggs, white felt, colored felt to match the eggs, and some felt glue.  I cut out the colored yokes and egg whites, totally eyeballed it and some are a little wonky but Munchkin doesn't care.
I made 4 sets (as many sets as came in the bag of eggs), two of which I kept for Munchkin, one set I sent to my little niece and the last set I plan to list in my Etsy shop once I get things up and running again. 
While Munchkin doesn't quite get the concept of matching the eggs to the shells, or get them open on his own yet, he loves playing with them. He got all excited this morning when we hid them (he had already played with them a few times before the 'Easter Bunny' came) and would find one, run over and ask us to open it up for him.
Did any of you make a unique craft for Easter? Have any special holiday traditions? Or maybe have a really awesome dyed Easter egg to share?

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