Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review of Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu

Synopsis: "Everyone has a secret. But Lucy’s is bigger and dirtier than most. It’s one she’s been hiding for years—that her mom’s out-of-control hoarding has turned their lives into a world of garbage and shame. She’s managed to keep her home life hidden from her best friend and her crush, knowing they’d be disgusted by the truth. So, when her mom dies suddenly in their home, Lucy hesitates to call 911 because revealing their way of life would make her future unbearable—and she begins her two-day plan to set her life right.

With details that are as fascinating as they are disturbing, C. J. Omololu weaves an hour-by-hour account of Lucy’s desperate attempt at normalcy. Her fear and isolation are palpable as readers are pulled down a path from which there is no return, and the impact of hoarding on one teen’s life will have readers completely hooked."

My Review: Wow this was quite an intense story, not much truly happens and it all takes place within a few days but has quite an impact. I find it disturbing the extent that Lucy goes through to keep the family secret a secret, not to mention all the unanswered questions that arise in her attempt to hide the hoarding. It makes you wonder might become of Lucy in the future, could her need for some order fade away as her mothers had (and it as it sounds her grandmother as well). There are so many more questions raised about hoarding and I don't think there are really a lot of answers out there but at least this story brings the issue and impact to light.
My Rating: This story was pretty traumatizing to read (or listen in this case) but so good. I really think it should be added to your reading list this year. I give it a rating of Four Paws.

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