Friday, January 10, 2014

Bedtime Story: Hush Little Polar Bear by Jeff Mack


travels from one magical place to another. “Hush baby polar bear. Sleep in the snow, and dream of the places where sleeping bears go.” Readers follow a baby snow-white plush polar bear that has been brought to life by his owner’s imagination from the back of a whale with the sea spray surrounding, to a land of tall grass where butterflies fl oat by up into the sky itself…and happily right back through the window into the loving arms of his owner asleep in bed. Mack’s lush and lovable illustrations suit the lulling, rhyming text to make a perfect bedtime book sure to leave readers and listeners with warm and fuzzy feelings read after read."

My Review: I adore this book, the story is cute how the polar bear gets to dream too. The illustrations are beautiful and soft. There are a lot to look at in the illustrations, each time you read it you can spot something new. We started with just pointing to the polar bear and by the end of reading it twice little Munchkin was saying polar bear. This is a very cute book and perfect for sending little ones into dreamland.
My Rating: Since writing this review, it has become very clear that this is Munchkin's favorite book currently. He always knows where his polar bear book is and insists upon reading it at least 10 times a day. It definitely earns a Four Paw and a Stump Wag rating!

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