Monday, January 27, 2014

Bloggiesta Wrap Up

So I didn't get much time to participate in Bloggiesta (Hubby finally got a burr under his saddle to give the house a good cleaning and Munchkin decided to start walking, Finally) but I did manage to squeeze a little time in.
So here was my original to do list:
1. Write a review request policy.  I have been getting countless review requests in my email and I have a hard time turning them down since I don't have a policy.
2. Check out other bloggers Archives and compare the order (I can't decide if it should be alphabetical by author or title or maybe by genre, GAH I am so confused).
3. Update my Archive List. UGH how I dread this job, I don't think I have updated it in almost 2 years!
4. Review my sidebars and update as needed.
5. Set up a Facebook account for the blog (someday I will get around to this).
6. Consider and/or design business cards. I am considering getting these for the upcoming Big Book Club Getaway to had to authors, but not sure this is proper etiquette or if it would be offensive.
7. Weed through Goodreads shelves for duplicates and books I no longer wish to read.
I managed to get a few of those things done.  I did take a look at some of my favorite blog's archives and started adjusting the format on my list to make it easier to find things. I changed the format and design of my blog (something I never expected to do or thought I could do). I started weeding through my Goodreads shelves (added, removed and renamed shelves). I also got a review policy typed up and added to my review page (see below), what do you think? Do I need to add anything?

All in all I think it was a pretty good Bloggiesta for me even though I didn't get to have fun and hang out with everyone else participating.
 Review Policy

To request a review of a novel please contact me at easternsunset @ I will only accept a review from an author, publisher or publicist, I will not review your friends/uncles/cousins novel, they must contact me directly to request a review. In your email please include a cover image, synopsis, date review needed, and links to amazon, barnes & noble and goodreads when available. Please be patient as I have limited time to respond to emails but I will respond whether I decide to accept the review or not (unless the email I  receive is exceptionally rude or illegible).

I reserve the right to refuse any novel submitted.  If I am unable to finish the book, I will not post a review on my blog and contact you directly explaining why I couldn't finish it. I will make a good attempt to read and review you book within the year that it is sent to me; however, I have very limited time between working full time and raising Munchkin. If you need the book reviewed by a specific date please inform me of that in your initial email.

When I post the review on my blog I will include the cover image, synopsis (either from your email or goodreads), my review, my rating (see below), links to the author's blog/goodreads page/website when provided and links to Amazon & Barnes and Noble for readers to purchase their own copies. My review will be posted on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble along with here on the blog.  When I have read and reviewed your novel I will contact you via email with the expected date for the blog post.

Formats Accepted:
I can accept ebooks in Mobi and PDF formats, I will accept them in Epub as well but it is not preferred. I will also accept books in print (please request the address in your initial email).  I am also open to accepting a book or two in audio to see how that goes as well.

Genres Preferred:
My blog features a wide variety of genres and while I am willing to read nearly anything once, I don't feel that reviewing a book for you outside my genre can give it the proper rating if I am not familiar with the genre.
~Childrens/ Picture
~Middle Grade
~Young Adult
~New Adult
~Historical Romance
~Contemporary Romance
~Paranormal Romance
~Fantasy/High & Epic Fantasy

Genres I MAY Consider:
~Medical Thriller

Genres Not Accepted:
The following Genres will not be accepted under any circumstances
~Sci/Fi (any mention of math or science)
~Non Fiction (unless it is a memoir)
~Current Events/ Political
~Self Help
~Extreme Fetish Erotica
~Crime Thrillers/Mysteries


  1. I like your review page. Honestly I am really glad I started mine when I first started blogging. I almost didn't and then one day just decided to do it. Good Review Policy too!!! I don't review any books only because I have so many on my TBR pile as it is.

  2. Thank you Angie, I started my Archives when I first started but I never keep up with it so now I am almost 300 books behind!! I have been accepting far too many review requests but I always had a hard time turning them down since I didn't have a policy as to what I would accept. I am hoping I now won't feel so guilty about turning something down.