Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Reads Day 10: Review of Christmas in Wine Country by Addison Westlake

Synopsis: "It's Lila's big debut as an event planner and the company holiday party is going to be her chance to shine. At a Tuscan-style vineyard near the Northern California coast in the perfect little black dress she's sure to impress commitment-phobe Phillip. What could go wrong?

Seventy-two hours later with no job and no boyfriend, Lila finds herself with all kinds of answers to that question. Like mistaking the glowering Jake Endicott of Endicott Vineyards for the groundskeeper. Or a new video on YouTube featuring Lila pawing her way through drunken karaoke of "Hungry Like the Wolf."

Solo on the romantic holiday getaway she'd booked for her and Phillip near the vineyard, Lila at least gets to visit with her old friend Annie who lives nearby in the coastal town of Redwood Cove. Drawn into the local bookstore with gleaming wooden floors and welcoming armchairs, Lila chats with the owner and impulsively accepts a job offer.

Sleepy, misty Redwood Cove is the perfect place for Lila to take a break from her horrible track record with guys. The only one she finds even remotely attractive knows her as the holiday party crazy lady. Ranked in Bay Area magazine's 10 hottest bachelors, Jake Endicott is just the type Old Lila would have wasted years pining after.

Join Lila on her year of comedy, adventure and self-discovery on the Northern California coast, with all kinds of ups, downs and misadventures and a full cast of small-town wine country characters. Thankfully, even the greatest misunderstandings can all be worked out with a little Frank Sinatra and mistletoe."

My Review: While this story started off with a bang, things got a little lost and drawn out in the middle. I loved the characters, they were full of life and fun to be around. It is amazing the people that can be drawn together in a small town. I enjoyed the setting as well, and the little book store makes me wish it was real and I could hang out there. Like I said, things seemed to get a little drawn out, there really wasn't a need for so many things to come between the two main characters. I did really love the big climactic scene with Sven and Olga (or was it Helga), it was epic and had me laughing so hard that I was in tears.
My Rating: It was a fun book, though not as all around funny as I expected but the parts that were funny were hysterical.  I give it a rating of Two Paws and a Stump Wag.

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