Thursday, September 3, 2020

Review of The Mortal Immortal by Mary Shelley


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Synopsis: "JULY 16, 1833. --This is a memorable anniversary for me; on it I complete my three hundred and twenty-third year!

The Wandering Jew?--certainly not. More than eighteen centuries have passed over his head. In comparison with him, I am a very young Immortal.
Am I, then, immortal? This is a question which I have asked myself, by day and night, for now three hundred and three years, and yet cannot answer it.

I detected a gray hair amidst my brown locks this very day-- that surely signifies decay. Yet it may have remained concealed there for three hundred years--for some persons have become entirely white headed before twenty years of age.

I will tell my story, and my reader shall judge for me. I will tell my story, and so contrive to pass some few hours of a long eternity, become so wearisome to me. For ever! Can it be? to live for ever!"

My Review: I have been trying to read more of Mary Shelley's work this year, this is my first of her short works. Clearly she had a theme to her writing, with supernatural, science and a touch of alchemy. I found this to be an intriguing story but so short that you really couldn't sink your teeth into it. The open ending was a good fit for this story and I like the though provoking way it ends. It isn't really my favorite of hers so far, I wish it had been a bit longer, but it definitely has me wanting to try more of her short fiction.

My Rating: This book definitely fit into the realm of gothic and atmospheric books that I have read of hers so far. I really wish I had more to sink into but at the same time it was a very satisfying read.  I give it a rating of Two Paws and a Stump Wag.

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