Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2020 Reading Challenge

So for the past several years I have taken on many reading challenges, from Graphic Novel to full Series challenges.  I have found that I am not really challenged by most of them and I don't find much drive in them any more.  So this year, while I will be tracking my reading, I won't be participating in specific challenges.  Instead I will be focusing on my TBR, specifically the books I have tracked as purchased the last 3 years.  I have gone back on my purchase lists from 2017-2019 and have found all the books I purchased but have not read or unhauled.

 There are 230 books on my TBR from purchases in the last 3 years, this doesn't include books that were previously on my TBR and I may have missed a few, but that doesn't seem like an over the top number considering I usually read over 250 books each year.

In addition to focusing on these books I am also going to try to limit my book purchasing even further than in year past.  I am going to try to limit it to 1 book a week (Saturday counting as the end of the week).  There will be a few exceptions which include gifts and special occasions like birthday, Christmas and anniversary.  I am also giving myself an incentive that with every 15 TBR books I read, I can purchase an extra book but only if I am mostly caught up reading the books I have purchased in 2020.

So that wraps up my challenge for 2020, a little unusual for me but I am hoping with less of a focused challenge year, I will have more freedom to pick up these TBR books.  What are the challenges you will be participating in this year?  Are there any books on my TBR that you have strong feelings about? Is there something I should prioritize or skip all together?

Books Added to TBR in 2017
Of the 234 books I purchased in 2017, these 69 are the ones that still remain on my TBR.
Beauty and the Beast
 Dawn Study
Name of the Wind
 Wise Man's Fear 
World Mythology in Bite Sized Chunks

 The Beast's Garden
 Also Known as Elvis
The Invisible Library 
Saints Blood  

 The Secret Loves of Geek Girls 
The Prince of Fools
The Nothing Girl
 Tortall and Other Lands
 Wild Magic
 Wolf Speaker
 Emperor Mage
Realm of the Gods
The Winter King
 Before She Ignites
The Last Magician
 Bone Witch
 Phantom Traces
 Dear Margaret
The Staying Kind
 Christmas Joy
Hearts Unloched
Passion's Palette
Never Dare a Dragon
 Vampire King of New York
A Shot at Love
 Moment of Fate
The Promise
Recipes from Raine's Roast
 Caught up in Raine
Redeeming the Billionaire
 The Billionaire's Best Friend
 A Billionaire Playboy
Dinosaur Lords
Dinosaur Knights
Christmas at Thompson Hall
 Traitor's Blade
Christmas Carol
Ink and Bone
 The Grace of Kings
 The Wall of Storms
The Dinosaur Princess
 Hidden Figures
The Fall of Arthur
The Reluctant Queen
 Pay it Forward
The Dragonet Prophecy
 The Lost Heir
Hidden Kingdom
Dark Secret
 Brightest Night
Gathering Blue
The Book of Three
The Black Cauldron
The Castle of Llyr
 Taran Wanderer
The High King
 Fablehaven: The Complete Series
Paper and Fire

Books Added to Shelves in 2018:
Of the 219 books I purchase in 2018, these are the 48 that remain on my TBR
Terrier (Feb./ )
Jedi Search (March/)
Caging Merrow (March/)
The Fifth Season (March/)
The Scandalous Mackenzies (March/)
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (March/)
 The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (March/)
Hard to Serve (March/)
Mastering Her Senses (March/)
Theirs to Take (March/)
Nightblade's Vengeance (April/)
 The Wolf (April/)
 Defiant Heir (April/)
The Sorting Room (May/ )
Lost Stars (May/ )
 Frankenstein Dreams (May/)
 The Belgaraid (May/)
 Death Sworn (May/)
The Queen of Sorrow (May/ )
 Fight for Everything (May/)
 Sweet Tea & Sympathy (May/)
 Half Drowned King (May/)
The Orphan Queen (June/ )
 The Mirror King (June/ )
Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein(June/ )
 The Bird and the Blade(July/)
The Slow Regard of Silent Things(July/) 
Unhooked (August/)
Isle of Blood and Stone (Sept./)
Not Even Bones (Sept./)
 Phoenix Empress (Oct/)
Monster: The Story of a Young Mary Shelley(Nov./)

The Carols of Christmas (Dec./)
 Carne the Ruby(Dec./)
 Wolf Kiss(Dec./)
Wolf Fire
  Wolf Vow(Dec./)
 Wolf Angel(Dec./)
 Waiting for You(Dec./)
All of Me(Dec./)
 Pangaea: Sunslinger (Dec./)
Pangaea: Revelations(Dec./)
 Wastelander: Awakening(Dec./)
 Come, Bos (Dec./)
The Promise: A Perilous Journey(Dec./)
Dashing Through the Snow(Dec./)
Santa Cruise(Dec./)

Books Added to Shelves in 2019
Of the 235 books I purchased in 2019, these are the 113 remaining on my TBR
 WarDance (Jan/ )
 Warsong (Jan./ )
 Year One (Jan/ )
Girl Who Drank the Moon (Jan/ )
Dactyl Hill Squad (Feb./)
Lord of the Fading Lands (Feb./)
 Crown of Feathers (Feb./)
 Argos: The Story of Odysseus as told by his Loyal Dog (Feb./)
 Shadow of Doubt (March/)
Gates of Stone (March/)
A Conspiracy of Truths 
 Viper (April/)
 Through the White Wood (April/)
 Descendant of the Crane (April/)
Dark Harmony (April/)
 The Unbound Empire (April/)
The Sea Queen(May/)
 The Mountain of Kept Memory(May/)
 Metamorphica (May/)
 Misfits of Avalon Vol. 1 (May/)
 Misfits of Avalon Vol. 2 (May/)
 The Sea King (May/)
 Ride Hard (May/)
 Ride Rough (May/)
 Ride Wild (May/)
 A Rogue by Any Other Name (May/)
 A Scot in the Dark (May/)
The Day of the Duchess (May/)
 The Pirate Bride (May/)
Man Made Boy (May/)
 Dear Santa (May/)
An Endless Christmas (May/)
Christmas Magic (May/)
 Falling Softly (May/)
 We Hunt the Flame (June/)
Dreaming the Bear (June/)
 Monsters (June/)
Ghostly Tales from the Lost Summer of 1816 (June/)
Honeybees and Frenemies (August/)
Master & Apprentice (August/) 
 The Chosen (August/)
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend (August/)
Mortal Engines (August/)
 Evvie Drake Starts Over (August/)
The Bridge Kingdom (August/)
 Darkdawn (September/)
 A Crash of Fate (September/)
 Black Spire (September/)
The Warrior Moon (September/)
 Ink (October/)
 Molly and the Cat Cafe (October/)
Plum Crazy Vol. 2 (October/)
Plum Crazy Vol. 3 (October/)
Plum Crazy Vol. 4 (October/)
 A Family Under the Christmas Tree (October/) 
The White Christmas Inn (October/)
There Will Come a Darkness (October/)
Shadow Frost (October/)
How to Love a Duke in 10 Days (October/)
How to Catch a Wicked Viscount (October/)
 Faker (October/)
Three Days on a Train (October/)
Destiny of the Wolf (October/)
Leave the Lights On (October/)
Marshmallows and Mistletoe (October/)
Cocoa & Carols (October/)
 The Prince's Son (October/)
 At Last (October/)
The Last Huntsman (October/)
Forgotten Love (October/)
Mae's Cafe (October/)
Within the Captain's Hold (October/)
 Elusive Dreams (October/)
 Christmas & Cannolis (October/)
Fated Mates (October/)
Take My Breath Away (October/)
Stolen by the Viking (October/)
 Destroyed by Magic (October/)
 Abducted by Magic (October/)
 Rise Like a Goddess (October/)
 Out Like a Goddess (October/)
 Finding Her Dragons (October/)
Freeing Her Dragons (October/)
 When the Lady Lies (November/)
 The Bromance Book Club  (November/)
 Christmas Camp (December/) 
 Cowboy, It's Cold Outside (December/) 
 His Cowboy Heart (December/) 
 Pride and Prometheus (December/) 
Stone Cold Cowboy (December/) 
 Sugar (December/) 
 The Belgariad Vol. 2 (December/) 
The Mad Scientists Daughter (December/) 
 The Season of Us (December/)  
The Way Home (December/) 
 The Good Ones (December/) 
 The Christmas Keeper (December/) 
Royal Holiday (December/)  
 The Very Very Far North (December/) 
 Little Women (December/) 
Secret Sisters (December/) 
 Not the Girl You Marry (December/) 
 For the Killing of Kings (December/) 
 Something Red (December/) 
 Darien (December/) 
 Shiang (December/) 
 Spine of the Dragon (December/) 
 The Blackest Heart (December/) 
The Queen of Swords (December/) 
 The Stone in the Skull (December/) 
 The Winter of Ice and Iron (December/) 
Black Storm Comin' (December/) 
 Dragonshadow (December/) 
 Skinner Luce (December/) 
 The Summer Dragon (December/) 
Winter of the Witch (December/) 

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