Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Advent Reads Day 24: Bedtime Story: One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland

Welcome to Advent Reads!
This is an event I have had on my blog for several years running now.  Each evening I feature a different holiday themed book. Think of it as your Book Advent Calendar! I post a variety of holiday books including romance, children's, middle-grade, mystery, paranormal, and I try to find some that are other holiday celebrations than Christmas too. I hope you will stop by each evening to see what new book I have for you!

Read for: Children's Book Challenge

Synopsis: "Best friends the bear, the moose and the beaver have been so busy getting ready for Christmas, they have forgotten the most important decoration of all - the Christmas tree! Rushing through the snowy forest, they reject one tree after another. And then they spot it. A pine tree that is just the right size, with soft needles and a wonderful scent - it's perfect! But just as the beaver is about to chop it down, the bear stops him. He can't allow this tree to be harmed, it is simply too beautiful! But the moose and the beaver disagree. Is there a way they can have a perfect Christmas - without chopping down the perfect tree?"

My Review: I have been seeing this on a bunch of my recommended for me lists and decided to pick it up from the library. This is a really cute book for little ones, it is a quick story with some really cute illustrations. The story is also great with a bit of love for leaving nature as it is and enjoying the beauty of it. I think little ones between 2-4 will really enjoy this as a nice bedtime story leading up to Christmas.

My Rating: This is a cute and fun book for young children, older kids around Munchkin's age will be a little bored by it.  But it is a quick and satisfying story to get the little ones settled down and into bed for the big night.  I give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag!

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