Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Review of A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne

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Synopsis: "In the city of Pelemyn, Fintan the bard takes to the stage to tell what really happened the night the giants came . . .

From the east came the Bone Giants, from the south, the fire-wielding Hathrim - an invasion that sparked war across the six nations of Teldwen. The kingdom's only hope is the discovery of a new form of magic that calls the world's wondrous beasts to fight by the side of humankind. "

My Review: This cover kept catching my eye at the bookstore and I finally folded and picked it up. I started it a while ago but put it down, I was nervous about the way the narration and story were set up, but I shouldn't have been. I decided to pick it back up this month and read it in less than a week, I didn't want to stop reading. The reason I was originally nervous is that I really disliked the way that the Game of Thrones series was written, having to jump from character to character but often not being able to return to a favorite for several chapters; this story is also told from several perspectives but it also has an story long arc so you aren't just left jumping around, you have the Bard, Fintan, guiding and telling the story. I ended up really loving the way the story is told, the way that Fintan's Kenning allowed for us to become fully immersed in each character's story, and each new perspective continues to build the story. The world building is so smooth that it almost seems that you already knew all about this new land, though I did find myself checking the map often. The characters were all fantastic too, I really became attached to several of them and loved following their stories and developments, sometimes to their dramatic end. 

A Plague of Giants is everything I could want in a fantasy, magic, battles, politics, epic and tragic stories, heroes and so much more. I am going to anxiously be awaiting the next book!!

My Rating: I can't believe how much I loved this book, it was everything I could want.  I don't often say it but I want this to be the next Game of Thrones TV series, I actually want to see this on the screen and come to life (as long as it is done well) because I think this could be epic!  I can't help but give this book a rating of Four Paws and a Stump Wag!


  1. I’m glad this one worked out for you. I’ve heard great things about the author but still haven’t picked up any of his books. Have you read his Iron Druid books?

    1. I hadn't really heard of his other books until I started reading this one, then I started seeing his name pop up all over the place. I don't have the Iron Druid books but I do have one of his Star Wars books to read later this month.