Thursday, July 27, 2017

Biannual Bibliothon - Day 5: Update & Character Connection Challenge

So the Biannual Bibliothon is usually a Youtube exclusive Challeng, but they have branched out to include challenges for Instagram and Bloggers as well.  You can find out information on the reading challenges and video challenges on the Biannual Bibliothon channel and the Instagram and Blogger challenges are being posted @BiannualBibliothon.

Each day there are Booktube Challenges, Blog Challenges and Instagram Challenges.  So I will have extra posts all this week (and I will try to participate in the Instagram Challenges as well @Easternsunset9 ).  I thought I would also take a brief moment to update you each day of the readathon.  

Update: I didn't get as much read on Day 4 as I had hoped (I had a lot of work to catch up on since I spent the previous day reading), I did however start listening to Misfits (the book before Totally Joe in the series) on Audio.  I also finally started Flame in the Mist last night and am wondering why I waited so long to start it!

Books Read:
Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Year One - 168 pages - COMPLETE
Geekerella - 320 pages - COMPLETE
Misfits - 5 Hrs Audio - 4.5 left
Flame in the Mist - 393 pages - on page 108

Today's host is Ashley from Inside My Minds and she has challenged us to find a character we connect with and discuss how we would have acted the same or differently in a situation.

Now I am going to go a little off the books with this one, quite literally, because there is one character out there who is me pretty much entirely in cartoon form . . . .

Yup, that is me in pony form.  Twilight Sparkle from the Friendship is Magic cartoon is pretty much me in every aspect. 

She is a total bookworm with her own library and late nights reading

She always has her checklists going, and maybe a little too organized and stressed all the time

The very first episode started off with Twilight Sparkle passing her magical unicorn test, but instead of being assigned a job like she had hoped, she was given a special mission.  She was sent to find out the meaning of friendship.  She is a bit shy and a little antisocial and wasn't really sure how to make friends.  Lucky for her there were other ponies just waiting to make friends with her.  

I would have had a harder time (and have) making friends with the people around me, but thankfully we have both found a great group of friends to surround ourselves with and have gone on many fun adventures, learning a few things about other and ourselves too.

I know this is not a book character, and I have connected with book characters but for some reason whenever anyone asks who I have connected with the most Twilight Sparkle is always the first to come to mind.

Who is a character you have connected with? What aspects of that character did you find the most drawn to?


  1. I don't know Twilight Sparkle but from what you've shown us I'd say you have a lot in common.

    1. Haha, it is an odd character association but she is me through and through.

  2. I'd say I'm Twilight Sparkle mixed with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

    1. That is a fun combination, I do see a little bit of Fluttershy in me but not really any Rainbow Dash. I have a friend who is Pinkie Pie totally too. It is fun how the ponies really have personalities people can associate with.