Friday, July 21, 2017

Bedtime Story: Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Read for: Children's Book Challenge

Synopsis: "Deep in the sea there lives a happy school of little fish. Their watery world is full of wonders, but there is also danger, and the little fish are afraid to come out of hiding . . . until Swimmy comes along. Swimmy shows his friends how—with ingenuity and team work—they can overcome any danger. With its graceful text and stunning artwork, this Caldecott Honor Book deserves a place on every child’s shelf."

My Review: I know this is pretty popular classic book, so I picked it up for Munchkin. It is a good book, a little tough for a kid who is already afraid of water, but it does have a good message in the end about working together. While I like the art style, some of the font gets lost in the paint and makes it difficult to read, especially at bedtime when the lights are low. Munchkin though did enjoy it, we have had a few nightmares about big fish eating his family, but he has asked to read it repeatedly.

My Rating: Munchkin obviously enjoys it and it is a classic, I just have a hard time reading the words (maybe other editions have bolder or darker font) and the nightmares were a bit of an issue but now we don't read it before bed.  We give it a rating of Three Paws.

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!


  1. I'm impressed that he loved it even though he had nightmares.

    1. I don't think he has really managed to link his nightmares with their triggers because some of his favorite books are ones that cause the nightmares. Eventually he will figure out what triggers them so I can stop having to argue with him about which books we should read for bedtime.