Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review of Running on Empty by R. M. Clark

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Synopsis: "After getting a video camera for her fourteenth birthday, Kasey Madrid enters a student documentary film contest and chooses her town's 300th anniversary celebration as a subject. Everything is good until the town's time capsule is unearthed empty at the celebration, prompting Kasey to investigate. Things get even stranger when she begins to see someone in her camera no one else can see.

That “someone” turns out to be Marion Gibson, the town's former historian, who went into a coma-like state when the time capsule was buried and whose memories are now trapped in time. Kasey researches the town historians and reveals their 300 year-old secret: a wooden chest that gives them the ability to see other people's memories and visit the past. She also finds that Marion's successor, the real town historian, is missing.

Using her film footage (and with a little help from Marion), Kasey discovers the chest is passed on to each new historian every generation through time capsules. When the chest is stolen, Kasey and her camera go back to save Marion, find the identity of the next historian and solve the mystery of the empty time capsule."

My Review:  I have enjoyed Clark's work in the past and jumped at the chance to read more. I must admit that I am a little obsessed with time capsules, I love the idea of digging something up years later and getting a peek back in time. I love how this book reminded me of an updated Nancy Drew. There was a lot of fun and mystery involved, a little danger and for the updated part some magic and time travel too. Even the two main characters are girls, I think even young male readers will enjoy the suspense and thought that takes place in the book. It was a little slower moving than I expected but there were a lot of pieces in play throughout the plot. I think this is a great book to introduce young readers to the world of mystery or continue to expand upon their interest.
My Rating: This is a great book for middle grade readers but can be enjoyed by anyone. A little action, a little magic, a little mystery, a little history and a lot of entertainment. I give this one a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag.
Note: This book takes place after Dizzy Miss Lizzie but can definitely be read as a standalone.
This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. This sounds fun! I probably would have loved it as a kid.

    1. It definitely has a feels like those mysteries so many of us grew up reading.

  2. This book sounds fun. I am intrigued by time capsules too. I like the Nancy Drew comparison. I might have to try this one.

    1. It is a fun book and has such a nostalgic feel, I bet you would enjoy it!