Friday, January 1, 2016

Early Reader Review of National Geographic Sea Otters by Laura F. Marsh

Synopsis: "In this level 1 reader, young readers will explore the fun-filled world of lovable otters. Follow these playful critters through their aquatic habitats, learn how otters raise their young, and discover their curious and social natures. Beautiful photos and carefully leveled text make this book perfect for reading aloud or for independent reading."

My Review: While this book has loads of wonderful facts about Sea Otters (which are near the top of my list of the cutest things on earth), it is really advanced for a level 1 reader. There are some difficult words and longer sentences, it does give definitions but a beginning reader will definitely need a lot of assistance (even one who can maybe read level 2 or 3 on their own).
My Rating: For being a Level 1 book it was rather advanced, and definitely too advanced for Munchkin. It did have a wealth of information about Sea Otters and plenty of adorable pictures to look at though. I give it a rating of Two Paws.


  1. Sounds like it got a bit ahead of itself. Too bad because I think sea otters are adorable too!

    1. It would have been fine as a level 2 or 3 I think but it was just too much for a level 1 in my opinion.