Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review of Just A Little Crush by Tracie Puckett

Welcome to a month of Lust and Love!!
I will be sharing a variety of books with you all surrounding the theme of lust, love and all that lies between. I will have some sweet romances, some childrens love books, and of course plenty of After Dark Steam for all different tastes! Hope you will all stop in and join me!

Synopsis: "When a class assignment requires seventeen-year-old Julie to shadow someone on the job, she’s overwhelmed by the decisions she’ll have to make. After all, she has no clue what she wants from life post-graduation. So when her Uncle Charlie, Oakland’s Chief of Police, suggests Julie fulfill her twenty hours of required job shadowing at the local police department, she’s thrilled at his solution. Thinking she’ll spend her days filing paperwork behind a desk, she finds herself quickly agreeing to his proposition. But Julie’s expectations are soon turned upside down when she meets Luke, the young and handsome (albeit somewhat stubborn) officer she’s assigned to shadow on patrol.

With every hour she logs with Luke at the wheel, her feelings stir deeper, and Julie can’t help but wonder if what she’s feeling has developed into more than just a little crush."

My Review: The title was well suited for the story of this one. A short little story about a teen crush. While so many Young Adult books are about love at first sight or love that works out and develops a lasting relationship, Puckett keeps it light and a little more real. Julie, like any real teenager is confused by her emotions and feelings for the cop she is shadowing. I like how everything is a lot more realistic than other romances I have read. It doesn't get all serious, both parties don't have this magical attraction, they just develop a little crush. Since this was a short story, the characters and story didn't have time to develop much or for you to really get attached to the characters, but it was still a light, fun and clean little brush with romance.
My Rating: This was a very short story that seemed very real to actual emotions and time frames.  I give it a rating of Three Paws.


  1. This one sounds so cute! :) I may have to check it out.

    1. It was different from what I usually read but it was pretty cute.