Sunday, December 16, 2012

Advent Stories Day 16: Christmas Kitten

Welcome to the Advent Story event I am having here on Eastern Sunset Reads this Christmas season.
Every family has their own personal Holiday traditions, and many of them include those advent calendars that have the little chocolates or toys behind each door as you count to Christmas Day. Well in my family we had a Advent Candle instead. Each night we would light the candle and as it burned that day away we would read a special Christmas story or poem. So I decided to bring that tradition to all of you.
Most of the books will be Children's books as I share this tradition with Munchkin for the first time, but I will also have some After Dark specials and maybe a few fiction, romance and young adult books too as time allows. I will also feature a favorite Christmas song each day. So please join me and share some of your favorite traditions, songs and stories this holiday season!

Synopsis: "Sophie wishes for a kitten just like the little black one she sees in the snow the day before Christmas. The kitten wishes for a home. Can the magic of Christmas Eve make both their wishes come true? Full color."

My Review: This was kind of a sad Christmas story. You can't help but feel bad for the little kitten looking for someone to love it and a warm place to sleep. The illustrations are very cute, but a little busy for really little eyes. A very sweet story.
My Rating: A sweet story, though a little sad but still a good story. I give it a rating of Three Paws.


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