Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap-up

My Goals for Bloggiesta
1. Update my read page  - DONE
2. Update my about me page -DONE
3. Get pictures and update my ratings page - DONE
4. Figure out more about Twitter and get my account more active - Ongoing but checking DONE
5. Get caught up on emails & respond to pending review requests - Halfway Done
6. Schedule posts for October  -DONE
7. Visit some of my favorite bloggers - Working on it
8. Connect with at least 10 new bloggers (would love to connect with more) - Meeting Great new people!
9. Maybe set up a facebook page for my blog
10. Have some fun and learn some new techy things - Learning Tons
Mini Challenges Participated In So Far
Guest Posts -  2 pending, want to request 2 more before the end of the weekend!
Get Personal - Updated About Me page, more info & scheduled personal posts once a month
Get Organized - Set up a weekly & monthly schedule & made notes in Planner
Pocket - Oh My Gosh! Brilliant!! Downloaded App & signed up!
Printing - Need a printer but bookmarked printfriendly! Can't wait to print my reviews!
Review Catch Up - I definitely needed this and am all caught up with my 7 reviews!
Discussion Posts - I want all you to get to have a little more interaction with me so I am going to start doing a Book to Movie discussion post on the 2nd Saturday each month!
Comfort Zone - So exciting, I have tons of ideas rolling around in my mind. I will definitely be adding more in my personal monthly post, and I have been trying new Genres thanks to authors sending me books for review, but the one thing I need to try is a giveaway & using Rafflecopter, I also want to do more author interviews, they all terrify me!
 It has been an exciting weekend! Not only did I learn a lot but I also got to meet some amazing bloggers.  It was a really satisfying to get so much accomplished on my blog.  I still have a few more things I want to get done on my blog, I still need to write a policy and set up a Facebook page, but all in all I got nearly everything I had planned done plus some! All in all a very successful Bloggiesta for me!


  1. So glad you enjoyed the weekend! It's a crazy amount of work, but so much fun and I always make so many new connections. And looks like you got alot accomplished!

  2. Also, wanted to add that I checked out your About Me page and LOVE the pictures! I'm so nosey :P And I'm super-impressed that you got all this accomplished with a newborn in the house. Well done!

    Maria @

    1. Thank you Maria! Its been rough with the little guy here, but I have started figuring out how to use the computer while holding him. Thank you for stopping by and it was great meeting you during Bloggiesta!