Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review of The First Zombies by Josh Atkins

Synopsis: A few friends hole up in their dorm room as an outbreak of a rabies like virus is announced. They venture out to rescue more of their fellow college students from the hungry and savage 'infected'.

My Review: I have read books before with undead creatures and characters, vampires, re-animated corpses, etc. but never ventured into the world of full zombie stories. I have to say I absolutely loved this story! Josh Atkins does a fantastic job of sucking you into the suspense and danger filled book. I have to say that first chapter completely had me and I couldn't stop reading! It is a short read, but promises much more to come in the rest of the series. If you are thinking about trying a Zombie book but aren't sure if you will enjoy them, I suggest you start here.
My Rating: Loved this book, I just wish it was longer, but it gives you something to look forward to in the next installment.  The First Zombies was definitely a Four Paw book for me!

This book was sent to me in digital version for review by the author

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  1. I'm not fond of the whole Zombie craze but I'm still open for conversion. ;)

    1. I have found zombie movies to be corney so never really gave the books a chance, and I have to say this one changed my mind. Maybe its because it wasn't overly long or because there was so much excitement and danger it got my heart racing. Either way it was great!