Monday, September 12, 2011

Review of Heart of a Knight by Barbara Samuel

Synopsis: "Lady Elizabeth D'Auvers returns to her beloved home, Woodell Castle, after a self-imposed exile to save herself and her stepchildren from the plague sweeping Britain. Afraid that she will find death and ruin, she is relieved to discover that her castlefolk and lands have thrived in her absence due to the presence of Lord Thomas of Roxburgh. Lord Thomas's great physical size is equaled only by the size of his heart, and his kindness and care for her people earn him the Lady's gratitude. But Elizabeth soon feels much more for Thomas than gratefulness, for desire and passion draw her to the dark, mysterious knight. Thomas, too, is powerfully attracted to the beautiful Lady, but the secrets he keeps may destroy their chance at happiness and bring about his own death."

My Review: Another beautifully written book by Barbara Samuel. I aboslutely love her descriptions, it paints such an amazing picture you can almost look around you and see the scene playing out. The characters were well thought out and even the sub-characters were well developed. It did seem like there was a little too much pushing and pulling in the middle that caused a little lull but it was nice to see the little things that cause love to grow. The ending is such a rush of nervous excitment that you can't pull your eyes away from the page.

My Rating: I really enjoyed reading this one, though it did seem a little slow at times and is definitely longer than most romance novels I have read, but it was beautifully written and put together.  I give Heart of a Knight a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag!

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