Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review of Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

Synopsis from Goodreads: "Jess Aarons' greatest ambition is to be the fastest runner in his grade. He's been practicing all summer and can't wait to see his classmates' faces when he beats them all. But on the first day of school, a new girl boldly crosses over to the boys' side and outruns everyone.

That's not a very promising beginning for a friendship, but Jess and Leslie Burke become inseparable. Together they create Terabithia, a magical kingdom in the woods where the two of them reign as king and queen, and their imaginations set the only limits."

My Review: I really wasn't too impressed with this one. It was kind of a let down for me because after watching the movie I had really high hopes. I didn't connect with the characters like I should have, and I didn't really get an visualizations from the descriptions. I felt like the book didn't focus too much on the imagination or Terabithia but rather Jess' lack of imagination. I also found it odd how a teacher would single a student out to pay special attention to them and take them on a private field trip. The one thing I did enjoy was the growing relationship between Jess and his sister, May Belle. It was touching reading about his sister's love even when he wasn't that nice to her and then seeing him finally realize that love.

My Rating: I really wish I had enjoyed this one more, but it just didn't click with me so I give Bridge to Terabithia Two Paws.


  1. I saw the movie of this one but it wasn't my favorite so I really had no desire to read the book. After your review I don't think I'll bother.

  2. Its really a shame, I wanted to love this book so much. So many others did, but maybe that was because they read it when they were in the age group it was written for :( Oh well, at least I know now and don't have to wonder if I missed out.