Friday, July 22, 2011

Bedtime Story: Leo the Lop

Its time again for a Bedtime story, and I have finished the children's books for this years reading challenge so I thought I would share some other great children's books with you.  Some of my favorite books growing up were the Serendipity books and I have worked hard to collect many of them (still don't quite have them all).  So we will start with Leo the Lop and his tale about being normal.

Synopsis from Goodreads: "Leo the rabbit whose ears are different from all the other rabbits learns that "normal is whatever you are."

My Review: While Leo the Lop wasn't always my favorite I still enjoyed it when I was a kid and still do! Such a cute little bunny! The illustrations are amazing in this and all the serendipity books, Robin James is fantastic! Leo didn't know any thing was wrong with his ears until the other bunnies finally told him that his floppy ears was what they were laughing at, if only we could all not notice our downfalls like that little bunny. But once a flaw is pointed out, that he isn't normal he does his best to fix it until someone with a "different point of view" shows him that he was normal to begin with and he shouldn't change. That is indeed what our dearest friends and family are for, to tell us that our little quirks are normal, that everyone is normal just the way they are.  A great lesson for kids and really a lesson adults should remember from time to time as well.

My Rating: I love the story and the illustrations and because of that it ranks high on my list but isn't my favorite so I give Leo the Lop Three Stars and a Stump Wag.

Join me for more adventures in the Serendipity books next week!

Goodnight, Sweet Dreams!

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