Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Top 5 Wednesday: Most Disliked Required Reading

  Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads.

I am very thankful that a user on Goodreads by the name Gabriella has taken over hosting and selecting topics for Top 5 Wednesday and has revived the group, I am loving the new topics.

So this week's topic is about required reading in school, and while most will be talking about the books they ended up really enjoying, I figured I have discussed this topic enough over the years and it would be fun to talk about the required reading that I ended up really disliking instead.  So here are the books that were required reading in school that I ended up really not enjoying (sometimes even failing to finish and winging it on tests and assignments).

In 6th grade I was in an advanced reader class and one of the books we had to read was Jane Eyre. I honestly think that it was a bit advanced for even our advanced reading class and the subject matter was not what 6th graders would find interesting at all. It was such a dull drag to read that after that I requested to be moved back to the regular reading class instead of sitting through more books like this one.

The very next year we had to read both Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and I found them both so intolerable. I found the stories to be tedious and boring and the vernacular was difficult to read, especially in Huckleberry Finn. I don't think I actually ever finished either one of these. 

In high school we had to read The Scarlet Letter, this is one book that put me to sleep every single time I tried to read it.  I didn't make it more than 10 pages into this one. The constant run-on sentences drove me crazy and it was so overly worded that I just couldn't focus on it. 

Yet another high school required reading, I honestly don't recall much from this book, probably because it wasn't something a high school kid could relate to or have any interest in reading. I highly doubt I ever finished this one either.

So what were some of your least favorite school required reading? Do you think any of these books would be worth me trying to pick up and re-read as an adult?

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