Thursday, June 14, 2018

RI Author Month: Diapers, Daycare and Deadlines by Jan Cornell

Welcome to RI Author Month

Synopsis: "Are you a busy parent who needs help trying to 'manage it all?' Let busy mom of two, Jan Cornell teach you how to live your life in a more simple and meaningful way with her fun, practical, quick and easy hacks. There are better and more efficient ways to manage both your life as a busy parent and your household! If you are a busy parent in the midst of chaos, this book was written for you!"

My Review: What parent doesn't need quick tips and hacks?! I came across the author at the RI Author Expo last year and knew I needed to pick this book up. It is set up for those busy parents too, with just quick tips, no more than a paragraph, and categorized for quick reference. The title refers to Diapers and Daycare, but many of these are tips that can definitely be used well into pre-teens and older. Some of them were things I have heard before, and many were things I thought were just common sense but maybe not all parents think like I do, revolving around streamlining and organization. There are pictures in the book but they are all black and white and a little grainy, I would have preferred clearer pictures or possibly color. This would be a great book for new/ newer parents that don't have time to sit down and browse Pinterest for ideas to keep their life sane and the children happy. 

My Rating: This would definitely be a great book for new parents, some of these tips would have been great when Munchkin was younger, some of them are common sense and some will be great for the future.  I give this a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag.

You can obtain your own copy of Diapers, Daycare and Deadlines in print format from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


  1. I’m glad you got a few tips from the book. There’s nothing worse than a book like this offering nothing new.

    1. That is why I don't read a lot of self help books, often by the time I am reaching for a book I have already looked online for solutions. There were some unique ideas, and there was even a dinner plate made here in RI specially designed for picky eaters, that would have been handy a year or two ago but now I know what to give other parents!