Tuesday, June 19, 2018

RI Author Month: Bedtime Story: Tyler's Tall Tales: Chasing the Moon by Ashley Richer

Welcome to RI Author Month:

Synopsis: "Tyler's TALL Tales 'CHASING The MOON' is the first children's book of the series Tyler's TALL Tales. Original story written by author Ashley Richer and illustrated by Ryan Maguire. The story is about a boy and pet bassett hound who go on a nighttime adventure to catch the moon."

My Review: I have had this book sitting on the shelf for a little while now and Munchkin finally decided to pick it up. It is an entertaining story that features a lot of local sites in Rhode Island. It also had a story very similar to Going on a Bear Hunt, but Tyler is sent to various places to try to catch the moon, but it always seems just a little bit too far away. We did enjoy the story and it was easy enough for Munchkin to read some of it but the illustration style did not match our preferences, it was a little too loud and busy for a good bedtime story. It was also a little difficult to recognize some of the familiar spots in RI. It would be a fun book to have as a souvenir or to take on a road trip in the area.

My Rating: While the story was entertaining and it had that familiar tone of We Are Going on a Bear Hunt, art style is not really conducive to a bedtime story, the colors are bold and bright and the illustrations are busy.  We give it a rating of Two Paws and a Stump Wag.

You can find out more information about Tyler's Tall Tales on the Website.

If the art is more your style and it is a book you might enjoy you can obtain your own copy in print format from Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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