Monday, March 5, 2018

March Read-Along/ Read-A-Thon/ Challenge Check In #1

So as you probably know, I went a little crazy this month with read-alongs, readathons and challenges.  I figured I better have a weekly check in post to dedicate to all these events. I haven't really had any discussion posts with the groups yet, most of the first ones will be happening later this week and over the weekend so expect a little more chatty check in for next Monday afternoon!  For now this is just a status check.

Anne of Green Gables Read-Along

So the goal for this read-along was to read through Chapter 13 by the 11th of March.  I started out reading the digital version of the book but was so utterly bored and easily distracted by chapter 2 I thought I would try the audio book version (the narrator came highly recommended).  I have to say that I find Anne to be so insanely annoying that I can barely stand her.  She is far too talkative and easily distracted for my liking.  I definitely am much more like Marilla and find Matthew to be my favorite character so far.  Matthew is quite, yet thoughtful and intelligent, he is also very kind. I am glad that I have a group to read with (and who are telling me better things are to come) otherwise I would have probably put this one down.

The Selection Buddy Read

Not very many people in my life are readers so when I finally convince one of them to pick up a book I loved, I kind of feel like I should read along with them to keep up the interest.  So my Sister-in-Law finally decided to pick up The Selection after talking about it for nearly a year (she had given me The Crown for Christmas the previous year and found it a little intriguing).  She has read to Chapter 9 and so I joined in.  I have to say it was super hard to stop reading because this book just flows so nicely that you don't notice the pages turning.  I did manage to stop after Chapter 11.  I have to say that I once again took an instant dislike to Aspen, he is so self centered and all over the place that he really needs to grow up (yeah yeah I know he supports his family financially but that is it).  I am okay with America so far, and while she isn't the nicest person in the world, and a little immature she at least has stuck to who she is so far.  I read the initial meeting of Maxon and while he is kind at the very beginning, he is still very stiff and formal (until the official first meeting, then I really like him).

Middle Grade March Read-A-Thon

I have a huge pile of Middle Grade books to read this month for Middle Grade March and I did get a bit of a start on them.  Obviously, I started Anne of Green Gables.  I also read The Lost Stone, which is an early middle grade book, more of a first chapter book but Middle Grade spans such a wide chunk of books.   I also started reading Letters From Wolfie.  I hope to finish at least 3 or so more books by the end of the week.

Try a Chapter Challenge
I have a total of 22 books from subscription boxes that have been sitting on my shelves for a while now, so figured that to start the month I need to Try a Chapter in one book a day.  So far I have tried 5 books that were from the early Bookworm Box and BookCaseClub romance boxes from well over a year ago (nearly 2 years ago).  I ended up saying no to 4 of them and 1 is a maybe that I will try again later.  I have a few more of those older romances to go and then it will be on to the OwlCrate YA books.  

Frankenstein Read-Along
I have saved this one for last because it was the one I am most excited for and putting the most effort into.  We are supposed to have up through Chapter 3 read by March 9th.  I am planning on reading 2, possibly 3 different editions for this; the popular edition which was published in 1831, the originally published version from 1818 and then also the original written by Mary Shelley before edits by Percy Shelley and publishing. I started with the 1818 version as I didn't want the one I am familiar with to overshadow this version, I have read the letters and Chapters 1 and 2 so far.  I know that it starts out a bit slow for many readers but I love the way we are drawn into the story with the letters from Robert Walton to his sister, the relating of the story of his mysterious lost soul.  I am loving marking some of my favorite quotes and the great bits of foreshadowing in the early chapters.  I will be reading the pre-edit and publishing version next and followed by the 1831 version later this week.

So that is it for my check in so far, only 5 days into the month and I am pretty well on track for all my challenges and read-alongs.  I can't wait for the discussions to start this week!!


  1. It sounds like you’re managing to keep up with all these challenges. Way to go!

    1. So far so good! I am so enjoying the challenges and books I am reading and it is fun to read with other people for a change.

  2. Whoa! That is a lot of reading going on. I hope Anne gets better for you. It holds a lot of nostalgia for me. I have never read The Selection. I keep debating on whether I want to read it or not. Frankenstein is an awesome book!

    1. It is a lot of reading going on. I do hope I am able to enjoy Anne more as we go along, I know so many people really love it. I never expected to enjoy the Selection but it is an easy read and the characters and political happenings really drew me into the story, even my Sis in Law who isn't much of a reader at all has been enjoying it and even staying up to read! I love Frankenstein so much!!